Johnson Level Tool 99 006K Self Leveling Laser System Review


The Johnson Self-Leveling Laser System is a rotary laser designed for the accomplished construction tradesmen.  Great for use indoors and out, slower rotational speeds enhance the visibility of the laser beam.  For outside use with higher rotational speeds, a detector can be used for extended optimal accuracy. The laser is easy to set up and has a wide range of features including an enclosed beacon which protects the inner mechanism from dust and water damage that might occur on site.  If you are looking for a professional rotary laser which is easy to use both indoors and outdoors then this is the one to consider.

Technical Specs

This rotary laser is capable of projecting a 360 degree beam of light.  It boasts three rotational speeds; 200, 400 and 600 RPM.  The laser is able to level itself in both X and Y planes.  A locking mechanism protects the inner pendulum from any hard knocks while being transported over bumpy terrain.  To prepare the laser for use, simply disengage the transportation lock. Turn on the laser and allow it to level itself.  The laser is able to self level itself on the horizontal plane while the vertical plane can be manually manipulated.  The lasers split beam feature is used to establish a 90 degree angle where needed.


The laser is designed to project an X or Y axis for 360 degrees with a 3 speed rotation of 200, 400 and 600 RPM.  This laser can be used vertically or horizontally and comes with a red beam laser detector for when extended range causes low visibility.  An illuminated bubble vial assists in easy vertical set up along with the integrated vertical bracket.  It is an Illa class Laser with an output of 5mW and comes standard with a pair of tinted laser enhancement safety glasses for better visibility. It is accurate for up to 1/8 inches at 50ft and has a 200ft range in diameter.


The laser is enclosed in an IP54 rated enclosure which means that it can generally withstand any dust or water damage it might encounter on a job site.  Although it is virtually dust and water proof, you should still treat it with care so as to prolong the life of your device.   Weighing 3.3 pounds and standing at 6.5 inches high this laser is easily transported within the soft material case that comes with the package. It is rugged and tough with an inner locking mechanism which protects the pendulum from any hard knocks.


If your job site is no larger than 800 ft then you should find exceptional value in this specific rotary tool. It is useful for a wide variety of projects such as ceiling installation, tile and flooring work or even the installation of plumbing/wiring within the home.  Contractors who need less than 1000+ ft of range will also benefit greatly from using this tool.  The laser beam is highly visible in low light conditions although you might want to consider using the included receiver to find lines in very bright daylight.  This tool is fantastic for foundation work as well as excavation and it makes light work of patio and deck construction.

Other important Specs

Include any other key elements you think would be important if you were thinking about purchasing these items for yourself. These will be headings used in the article and can be used in each of the 10 reviews to standardize them.Other features include the 5/8 inch mounting thread which means you can use any standard tripod without any problems. The tool does come with a lightweight aluminum tripod as well as an aluminum mounting bracket and mounting clamp for attaching the laser to any surface.

The laser level is powered by 4AA batteries while the receiver/detector runs on 2 AAA batteries.  This might seem like a lot of batteries but considering the fact that your laser level will have a much longer battery life when using the detector/ receiver since it has its own power source. It has a battery life of 20 hours so you might want to invest in some rechargeable for extended projects. Using the tool is very simple as the controls only consist of a few toggle buttons.

Why We Liked It

You will not find a better priced rotary laser with this many features anywhere on the market.  If you are considering revamping your home with a new deck or simply just putting up a wooden fence, this is the tool for you.   With this laser you can cut down on the cost of hiring professionals to do your home renovations for you.  There are more than enough easy to use features for you to feel like a construction pro.  Here are a few of the features we liked best:


  • Self- leveling
  • Value for money
  • 3 variable rotation speeds
  • Automatic locking pendulum for extra protection

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