Performance Tool W50063 Leaf Blower Review

If you need a full sized leaf blower that’s capable of tackling large jobs and turf or grass, then you’re probably going to want to look at one of the other alternatives that are available out there. The W50063 just isn’t a yard-worthy blower; in fact, it’s not even long or big enough to allow you to blow leaves effectively, unless you’re either very short or very patient and willing to bend down and over for long periods of time.

In actuality, this product is just about the same size as your everyday powered duster – don’t try to use it indoors, though, it’s much too powerful and rugged for that kind of use. The little engine inside this model boasts a humble 600 watts of power, making it by no means a powerhouse. Still, this handheld tool is capable of producing an air speed of about 75+ mph and, if you factor in its very light weight and small size, this isn’t at all a paltry amount of power at all with all the facets of its minuscule design being taken into consideration.

Even though it’s by no means a worthless product, this electric machine isn’t going to be able to help you to do any kind of real yard-work. That said, if you need a small tool to clean off your patios, sidewalks, and porches, then this is a great choice; it’s so light that it can easily be held by most anyone in only one hand and it’s definitely powerful enough to be knock leaves off of wood, stone, concrete, and other similar and flat surfaces.

The thickness of tall grass just isn’t going to allow this blower to move leaves around on turf, though, so – again – we stress that you keep that in mine before making any buying decisions. The manufacturer of this product actually doesn’t even really ever advertise this as an outdoor blower that’s meant to do the jobs that most of us associate with leaf blowers.

For a number of reasons, this blower is currently being advertised as a workshop tool. What does this mean, though? Well, it means that this product was designed for specific uses that one would mostly need when doing the every-day jobs that a handy individual might find themselves faced with.

First off, for example, this blower is more than strong enough to help you to dry your car or even your boat. After you’re done rinsing and spraying off your vehicle of choice all you’re going to want to do, if you want a little help drying it from your blower, is to start spraying down the cracks and crevices of said object.

Unfortunately, this machine isn’t quite strong enough to actually completely dry a truly soaked and squeaky clean and washed down vehicle. It is, however, truly exceptional when it comes to getting the water out of hard to reach cracks and crevices.

Most of the air that this tool intakes is also run through its motor which primarily serves to keep said motor from overheating, but that also serves to warm up and heat the air that’s coming out of this blower over time – this hot air can greatly aid to an extent the drying of whatever wet surface that you put it up against.

If you do choose to use this as a drying tool, you should know that even while it while greatly ease the process you’re still going to likely need a few shop towels. Still, this is a very lightweight machine and it’ll be a lot easier to operate and require less elbow greese than using say only towels and friction to dry a surface.

However, this shop blower was also designed for a number of other uses and functions. Besides its air blowing capability, this product also comes pre-equiped with a small vacuum bag that can be affixed to its frame. This bag is very easy to click into place and once its affixed your blow should instantly switch into a vacuuming mode.

The vacuuming function of this blower doesn’t really leave anything to be desired as long as you’re using it for its intended purposes. The suction is strong enough to draw in small leaves, sawdust, and any shredded debris that might need to be cleaned away. This makes this blower an amazing tool for carpenters, wood workers, and anyone who has to deal with particulates left over from their jobs or hobbies.

And after you’ve finished cleaning your shop, workshop, or any space that warrants the use of a small vacuum, you can switch this product back into a blower just as easy as you changed it from one. The moment you un-click the included vacuum and debris catcher bag from this product it’ll go right back to functioning as a leaf blower.

Overall, and when you take in all of the qualities of this product into account, you should be able to see that it’s a quality machine for what it’s meant to do. This is an excellent replacement for oftentimes cumbersome shop vacs and is really the only way that you’re going to get anything resembling a leaf blower to work comfortably within a smaller shop.

While we would say that this product is very obviously primarily designed and marketed towards those who hobby/dabble or work in more craftsman-like jobs, it could also certainly be useful for a homeowner whose home isn’t surrounded by any noteworthy number of trees.

This blower comes in at around a bit less than thirty dollars, making it cheaper than a shop vacuum which it can mostly replace and it also has a quality blowing function. For all of your craftsman and for those that work with your hands this is a great, easy to use, and easy to store tool that’s definitely not something that you’re going to want to have missed if you don’t already have something like it.

  • Small and simple to use.
  • Perfect for shop environments.
  • Easier to use than a shop-vac and more functional.

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