Earthwise CS30116 Corded Electric Chainsaw Review


Celebrating over 120 years in business, Earthwise has been a household name in lawn and yard tools. Based in Shelbyville, IN, Earthwise continues its commitment to be the “Clean Air Choice” for America, with eco-friendly lawn products that are quieter and cleaner than the competition.

Their CS30116 16-inch Corded Electric Chain Saw is lightweight, yet can handle more than smaller chainsaws and sports an 16-inch, mid-size bar length that handles nicely for basic tree work and trimming, clearing bush, cutting firewood, and much more.

This impressive electric chainsaw is efficient enough to cut through large, hard timber, but easy enough for smaller jobs like trimming branches, and friendly to use for novices, which makes it a all-around favorite in the mid-size chainsaws category. In our review of this Earthwise CS30116 Chain Saw we will take a closer look at all the features this model offers in terms of power, performance, ease of use, and why we like it.


Packing a powerful 12 amp motor and reliable 16-inch Oregon bar and chain, this sleek, attractive saw comes fully assembled right out of the box – just add oil, plug in, and go! The easy-start means it is made to start with no effort, every time. The CS30116 Chain Saw is perfect for clearing brush, cutting logs or stockpiling firewood with its longer length.

Care and cleanup are easy with an automatic oiling system and oil level window. The easy chain tension adjustment system is tool-less, which means you can adjust the tension of the fitted chain for convenience and easy maintenance. This saw also includes a cord retention hook.

The convenient, simple safety start button makes powering on a breeze, and there’s also a sturdy plastic scabbard that covers the bar and chain when storing or transporting the saw for further protection between use. The rubber over-molded handles present a comfortable, ergonomically-friendly grip for cutting in many different orientations, allowing for less overall fatigue. This is a high-performance, low-maintenance chainsaw that is a smart choice for amateurs or even first-time users.

The Earthwise CS30116 Chain Saw has all the performance and efficiency of a large, brawny electric chainsaw or gas-powered saw, but is much lighter in weight and handles more like a dream. This product has kept the typical homeowner in mind by providing many of the options you would expect to find in a larger, performance-based chainsaw, but in a lighter version with comfort, style, and safety in mind.

We liked the fact that this saw does not skimp on the most important qualities and consumer requirements, but made this to conform and appeal to anyone at any level of experience. Here is a saw that is quieter than most, and your fellow neighbors or campers will love you for this fact alone.

And, right at ten pounds, the saw is lightweight and super easy to handle, and you will appreciate this with those longer, more challenging wood cutting jobs.First-time users and experienced lumberjacks alike will appreciate the hassle-free control of this electric chainsaw with its sturdy cutting performance, quick-starting, powerful 12 Amp 120/60Hz electric motor, and tool-less tensioning.

This sturdy, powerful saw has a secure, solid control of a larger chainsaw, and it is durable enough to quickly maneuver any job, large or small. This model is considered a mid-level size chainsaw with the 16-inch Oregon bar and chain that is perfect for cutting logs and branches with its longer length and great for clean up jobs, and still is a smart choice for amateur or even first-time users. As a lightweight saw, this is easy to control and maneuver with the longer lasting jobs.

Why We Liked It

This saw far exceeded our expectations with outstanding power and performance on our 10-inch hardwood logs. The easy-start button made this a breeze to power on and get started right away, by far much better than pull-ropes.

The automated oiling system eliminated the mess and worry of keeping the chain lubricated, and the lightweight of the saw combined with the soft, rubber handle made this so much more fun to use. Highly recommended for any job, and for any level of experience. Earthwise is known for their quality products and excellent customer service.


For light or detailed yard work or for sawing logs at the campground, the Earthwise CS30116 chainsaw is created for performance, whether stockpiling wood or clearing brush. With it’s extra safety features, ergonomic, comfortable rubber grip, safety start button and automatic chain oiling system, this chainsaw is a testament to the commitment and high quality products put forth by Earthwise, and includes a 2-year limited warranty.

  • Powerful 12 amp motor
  • Lightweight
  • Nice, comfortable grip
  • Tool-less chain tension
  • Easy startup

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