BLACK+DECKER Lithium Ion Chainsaw Review


Having all the performance of a gas-powered chainsaw, but the convenience of portable, cordless maneuverability gives this Black & Decker 12” LCS1240 40-volt Lithium Ion Cordless Chainsaw a well-respected place in our top ten electric chainsaws. We take a closer look at this cordless, battery-powered model and outline all the features and benefits it offers in its performance, safety, and overall endurance.


For those who hate a lot of preparation or having to deal with cumbersome extension cords, this saw is the perfect fit and guaranteed to make even the angriest lumberjack smile with it’s convenient, smart technology. The most notable and obvious feature of this Black and Decker 40V chainsaw would be the side-loading battery, which powers the saw, eliminating any need for two-cycle fuel.

There is a 12-inch bar and chain with a tool-free chain tension system to provide powerful sawing with fast, efficient cuts. Starting and activating the saw is easy – just insert the charged up 40V battery, use your thumb to pull back on the the lock off button, and pull the trigger. There will be about a second delay in activation, but then it roars into action.

Ideal for those odd jobs around the house like pruning, limbing, or trimming, it sports a 12-inch bar that packs a serious punch when it’s asked. Can it handle bigger jobs? Yes it can, with a little bit of patience. This is not a big saw – but it will perform well with a little care and time. As long as the battery is charged, this little workhorse is always ready to go – and can go anywhere.

The full wrap-around handle is molded from plastic and presents a comfortable, ergonomically-friendly grip for cutting in many different orientations, allowing for less overall fatigue. And, at just over eight pounds, the saw is very lightweight and super easy to handle, and you will appreciate this while perched twenty-five feet high, reaching high into the branches.

To add chain oil, just remove the fill cap and pour the oil in until you see it filled through the translucent plastic reservoir window that is visible on both the left and right side of the chainsaw. Once filled, this chainsaw eliminates priming and will automatically keep they bar and chain lubricated. There is also an integrated filter for catching any large debris spray.

The 40V MAX Lithium Ion Battery included with this chainsaw is built to hold a charge up to 18 months and claims that it will perform on over 60 4×4 pine lumber cuts per charge, on average. A nice feature on this battery is the state of charge indicator that show the current charge level. This is a lightweight, long-life battery that has No Memory effect – which means that recharging this battery will not cause it to lose its energy capacity.

It is difficult to determine frequency of use with such a variable in usage, but with moderate work, this battery expects to last for around 30-60 minutes of continuous cutting. Naturally, you won’t be using the saw constantly as it will lay idle in between cuts, so the actual mileage will vary.

Factor in that hot temperatures will reduce your battery lifetime, as well as the hardness of the wood you are working with. Cutting into larger 11” logs, for example, would require at least 10 straight cuts before needing to recharge the battery. When it comes time to clean and maintain, Black and Decker has made this little chainsaw easy to disassemble and reassemble on the fly.

An eco-friendly Choice

Having a cordless chainsaw eliminates the afterthought of dancing around a cord while working. At just 10.4 pounds, this chainsaw is much lighter compared to a gas-powered saw, making it that much more convenient to port. Combine that with all the benefits of not having to mess with a volatile fuel mix, or replace any air filters, and you have eliminated those stress points out of your life forever.

Trusted Brand

The manual provided by Black and Decker contains illustrations that are clear and informative, along with the detailed instructions for an easy to follow read. There is also a troubleshooting section that is concise and covers the essentials of what could potentially go wrong, which is very useful for those first-time chainsaw users.

Why We Liked It

For a cordless chainsaw, this BLACK+DECKER Lithium Ion Chainsaw lives up to its brand by giving us cordless, battery powered technology in a powerful little saw that is stands up well to the competition. The overall portability of this chainsaw made it very convenient to do those hard-to-reach limbs. The 40V MAX Lithium Ion battery was long-lasting and gave us a consistent cutting experience


For those light to medium-size yard jobs and framework, this little portable, cordless chainsaw is a powerhouse of performance that is on a mission to make sawing great again. Like mentioned, once you go cordless, you never go back – and the BLACK+DECKER Lithium Ion Chainsaw will seduce you over to the cordless side.

  • Cordless
  • Battery operated, interchangeable
  • Many safety features
  • Quiet
  • Lightweight

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