DRL-300.00 Small Bench top Drill Press Review

Another small and affordable bench top model, the DRL 300 is perhaps the slightest included in our reviews. Weighing under 13 pounds and standing only a foot tall, this is not nearly as burly a drill as the Delta or the Shop Fox models we’ve looked at. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less ideal of a product for the right customer.

A homeowner looking for something that’s incredibly compact and easy to store between projects is going to find this drill the perfect solution to keep around for the smaller tasks they might need to accomplish.

Despite its small size, this drill is still capable of drilling holes in a variety of materials such as wood, metal and plastics.  The DRL 300 can spin at speeds of up to 8500 RPM thanks to the power supplied through its 110 Volt electric motor.

While this isn’t going to be able to tackle your larger jobs, it is powerful enough of performing any task you can fit into it. If you just need to drill some holes here and there and don’t want to be breaking the bank on a professional grade product, this is definitely a drill that you will want to look into. There may not be a fancy adjustable table, or an abundance of excess space, but do you really need either just to drill a few simple holes? If not, this might be the best little drill you’ll pick up.

  • Extremely light weight, compact and economical. Weighs 13 pounds and stands only a foot high.
  • Performs at variable speeds of up to 8500 RPM
  • 110 Volt motor.

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