Delta 18-900L Laser Drill Press Review

The second floor standing drill press included in our reviews, the Delta 18-900L Laser Drill Press is another heavy duty, jumbo jet of a machine chock full of bells and whistles that will help to improve the quality of work on the wide range of projects that you might find yourself tasked with.

This drill provides 16 variable speeds between 170 and 3000 RPM and offers a full 6 inch quill stroke, so the depth at which you can drill into your wood or other material is class leading. The Delta Laser Drill features an auto-tensioning belt drive system that boasts the ability to command a more efficient drilling performance by ensuring fast, easy speed changes while keeping a consistent belt tension and motor alignment.

The 18-900L’s oversized table is highly adjustable and can be beveled at any angle between 0 and 90 degrees, left or right, and can be easily lowered or raised to any height desired. Other features that are standard in higher end models such as dual laser sights, called TWINLASERS on this machine, and LED lights for illuminating your workstation are also included, making for an overall user friendly drilling experience.

Add to that an enormous 18 inch swing, you’ll be ready to tackle the your biggest projects. The Delta product’s weight clocks in at over 250 pounds, but you don’t have to worry about tipping (although, we still recommend affixing the machine in your shop as per manufacturer instructions). This drill is big, powerful, and ready to handle the large number of jobs you need to throw its way.

  • An auto-tensioning belt drive system allows you to change the spin speed quickly and easily, between 16 available rates to maximize your efficiency
  • A 6-inch quill stroke and 18 inch swing means that you can drill larger materials to a greater depth.
  • TWINLASER lasers project a red crosshair so you can be sure you'll be drilling with absolute accuracy.

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