Yost LV-4 Home Bench Vise Review

The Yost LV is quite a small bench vise, measuring at only 4 and a half inch. The Yost LV is sporting a design that has recently been improved for more stability., thus making it superior to its predecessors. It is made in cast iron, so in this case small does not mean weak or hollow unlike many of the small bench vises that are available to buy. It is so easy to install on your bench, so simple in fact that any idiot could do it. It is strong and stable and perfect for home bench use or for small workshops.

It comes complete with a small anvil area for you to take a whack at. The Yost LV is incredible for the price that it is available for. It is more suited to smaller projects due to the jaw opening size. It is perfect for small projects and is highly adept at securing tools for sharpening and such. The strength is unrivalled in a vise of this size, and as a cast iron piece the price was a pleasant surprise.

  • Made from strong cast iron
  • Very stable for a small bench vise
  • Great price for a tool of this quality

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