Festool 571810 RO 150 FEQ Rotex Sander Review

The Rotex RO 150 is a powerful machine that can take on the toughest jobs sanders can perform, head on. This 8-pound dynamo is a powerful piece of equipment. It offers dual-mode options so you can start and finish your projects with the confidence of knowing you’ve got the right tool in your hand.

The more aggressive is a gear-driven mode that allows you to quickly and coarsely grind down excess stock or to polish your projects to a smooth finish. The random orbital mode is best for refining and can handle your finer sanding and polishing jobs admirably.

Even with all the power you’ll be bringing to your wood work, you won’t have to worry about creating too much dust with the Rotex 150. Festool’s Jetstream dust extraction design is an efficient filtering system that removes dust as it goes in order to provide a cleaner finish to your projects, a cleaner workstation, and a longer life for your abrasives and pads.

The strength of this sander doesn’t mean it will be too cumbersome for the average home sander to use, though. The RO 150’s relatively compact size and form make it a simple tool to control. Multiple grip positions that maximize ergonomic use, no matter the project, create a comfortable operating experience.  Additionally, a FastFix tool-free pad changing system, MMC electronic controls, soft start, and step-less variable speed control allow you to adjust to and perform any job with minimal hassle.

This is one of the more powerful sanders included in our reviews, but that doesn’t mean it’s an inaccessible tool for more amateur wood workers. If you are looking for a sander capable of performing fine-tuned wood working tasks as well as more heavy-duty grading, and perfect polishing. This premium model is a best bet for you.

  • Dual mode sanding features variable power modes that can switch between coarser and finer functions for maximum adaptability to all your wood working tasks.
  • FastFix tool-free backing pad change system and step-less variable speed control make changing between jobs simple to do.
  • Jetstream dust extraction system removes dust from your work surface as quickly as it creates it.
  • 6-inch disc size.

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