VonHaus 6.2A Tethered Drill Review


Typically, when searching for a new power tool, our first instinct is to go with the more established brands—the ones our parents and grandparents raised us on, the ones who have made their mark and have their trusted name branded into our genetic code. But every now and then, a new player jumps into the ring with some cool features and new technology, and then we can’t help ourselves—our natural curiosity kicks in and we just gotta try it out.

VonHaus is one of those new players, established in 2013. With our curiosity kicking in, we decided to give this one a shot and review the features this corded 6.2A 1/2 inch hammer drill offers, and we were not disappointed, making this one of our top ten drills.


With an impressive 6.5 amp variable-speed motor that will deliver up to 2,800 RPM for an optimum drilling performance, this drill earns instant respect as a powerfully-performing tool that is ready to take on a wide range of materials.

It features an alternating rotary and hammer function, and the hammer function works by applying short, sharp pressure to the material while drilling down, so it functions like a driver through the material without cracking it or breaking the drill-bit. There is a variable speed control forward and reverse button, and a depth gauge for more accurate and precise drilling.


Flexible enough to handle the most demanding tasks, there is an auxiliary side handle for increased operator comfort and control, guiding you exactly where you need the drill bit to go. This helps to ensure your work is done as accurately as possible.

The touch-sensitive trigger reacts immediately to the amount of pressure that is applied to it, and the more pressure that is applied, the faster it will rotate the drill bit. Another nice attribute about this VonHaus 6.2A hammer drill is the reverse function switch which allows for quick bolt unscrewing, making this task effortless and convenient.

It Gets Deep

With a robust .51-inch capacity, this corded 6.2A 1/2 inch hammer drill can go to depths of up to .62 inches in stone, .47 inches in steel and 1.25 inches in wood, and the built-in depth gauge helps monitor these depths for accurate, pinpointed drilling.


The VonHaus 6.2A corded hammer drill also comes with a 9-piece Drill Bit Set that contains the most popular selection of drill bits, and a handy power tool carrying case made of durable injection-molded plastic to help protect your corded drill.

Why Choose A Corded Drill?

There are many advantages to owning a corded drill over a battery powered model. Corded drills are generally more durable and built to handle more challenging jobs, and there are never any worries about finding out the battery is dead or worn out just before it’s time to work. With a corded drill, it is pretty easy to get started – just plug in and go. From wood, to masonry, to metal, a corded drill can power through a variety of different materials.

Choosing the right type of corded drill for your needs depends partly on what materials you will be using this drill on, and how often you would need to use it. The VonHaus corded 6.2A 1/2 inch hammer drill is a versatile drill that would be great for just about any type of usage. VonHaus backs up this product with a one-year warranty from date of purchase, with an optional free extended warranty – just register online on their website.

Why We Liked It

As a general, hard-wearing power corded drill, this VonHaus tool presents well along the “big boy” names as a powerful, durable, and high-quality drill, that earned its stars in handling a wide range of different materials. We used this tool to drill through some brick, and there were no problems at all with performance. Easy to handle and control, and the variable speed settings were easy to adjust with just a turn of a knob.


For one of the newer guys on the block, this drill stands up well to the competition. VonHaus goes over and beyond the call of duty by offering some nice bells and whistles to this drill, including both regular and hammer drill functionality, variable speed control, and a depth gauge. The handy carrying case is nice to have, as well. All in all, a well-built power tool that is packed with some extra goodies to make the whole drilling process enjoyable once more!

  • Impressive 6.5 amp power
  • Alternating rotary / hammer functions
  • Easy variable speed control settings
  • Includes case and drill bits

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