Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw Review

If you’re a carpenter or take on a lot of woodworking projects, you know that you need to have the best tools on the market at your disposal in order for you to create top notch work. You’ve likely had to use basic tools at some point when you were starting out – and you most certainly saw why they are budget tools – not tools that are touted as being durable and built for long term use.

Even if they are sturdy, they’re difficult to use and make your projects more difficult and involved than they need to be. Time is valuable and you need a tool that will allow you to make your best work and create projects that you can truly be proud of – not a tool that will force you to fight against it every step of the way. However, in order for this to happen you need machines that are dependable, reliable, and able to get the job done right the first time.

And one of the best machines you can invest in is a table saw.Table saws are great for shaping your wood or cutting it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. They allow you to make your cuts with more precision and accuracy, while also ensuring that you’ll be able to do your work quickly.

They speed up your work and make it possible for you to complete the main part of your workload early on so you have more time to focus on the art of your craft. Table saws are by far one of the most valuable tools for people who find themselves working with wood on a constant basis. There are a lot of great models on the market, but one of the best table saws is definitely the Makita 2705 10 inch Contractor Table Saw.

Makita 2705 10 inch Contractor Table Saw

The Makita 2705 10 inch Contractor Table Saw is a powerful tool that will help to make some amazing changes to the way you work. The thoughtful design and incorporated technologies make working with wood a much easier task and allow you to get back to the basics instead of having to worry about fighting against your equipment.

The Makita 2705 10 inch Contractor Table Saw has a lot of great features that you’ll be able to appreciate right away. The device can be assembled using a tool-less technology approach. You’ll easily be able to adjust the modular blade guard system or blade guard itself thanks to this foresight. The Makita 2705 10 Inch Table Saw itself funs on an impressive 15 amp motor that is capable of reaching up to 4,800 rpm thanks to its impressive design.

Additionally, the table on the Makita 2705 10 inch Table Saw is built to extend, giving operators more room to work with while they’re onsite. This should help you take on longer boards, up to 25 inches in length. You’ll also be impressed with the large cutting capacity and ability to fit longer dado blades. You’ll love the Makita 2705 10 Inch Table Saw and it’s ability to help you do your job more quickly and efficiently.

The Makita 2705  10 Inch Table Saw also comes with a 32 tooth carbide tipped blade, a rip fence, a miter gauge, a push stick, two blade wrenches, a socket wrench, a modular blade guard system, and independent antikickback pawl.


  • Comes with anti kickback pawls
  • Comes with a blade guard system
  • Table socket wrench
  • Blade wrenches
  • Comes with a push stick
  • Miter gauge
  • Rip fence
  • Comes with a 32 tooth blade
  • Can fit longer dado blades
  • Can rip up to 25 inch boards  
  • Can reach up to 4,800 rpm
  • Runs on a 15 amp table motor

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