Rockwell RK3441K Compact Review


The Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw is a new generation mini saw which is able to cut through 2x material without having to flip the work over. This new saw has a maximum cutting depth 1-11/16 inches at 90 degree angles. It is lighter and less bulky than a standard full size circular saw and comes with a 3 year warranty. This model looks a lot more like a true circular saw than it does a miniature saw.  This is a good option for someone on the hunt for a lighter alternative to a full size circular saw.

Technical Specs

This saw has a left hand sided blade design which allows the user a clear view of the cut line site at all times.  A punch button arbor lock makes swopping out blades safe and easy. The 4-1/2 inch thin-kerf  is less than half the thickness of regular universal 7-1/4 inch blades which may make them a bit difficult to locate at your regular hardware store. The blade is a 24 tooth blade which is carbide tipped and is easily changed using the hex key included in the kit.


This circular saw weighs a mere 5lbs making it easy to control and maneuver especially for overhead jobs.  The inline grip is slimmer than a standard circular saw handle which makes it more balanced and comfortable to use. The tool is able to cut through 2 x materials without having to flip the material over halfway which make it less time consuming.  It also cuts in a single pass which ensures a smoother finish and the left hand sided blade allows full visibility of the saw blade at all times.


The slim grip handle is made from industrial rubber material which is wear and tear proof yet soft enough to provide a comfortable grip.  The saw blade has 24 teeth which make for a smoother finish when cutting. The saw is black inn color and comes with a reinforced power cable which is affordable to replace if necessary.  A built in dust port helps to keep the cut line dust free and visible at all times. The smaller and thinner blade takes much less effort and motor strain to cut through a wide variety of material.


The slim light weight design makes this a great tool for projects which might need to be done overhead. This is made easier because of the fact that it cuts through material with a single pass making overhead work less strenuous. The small size makes it perfect for those difficult to reach areas that a larger saw might be too big for.  It is great on wood applications, especially 2 inch nominal lumber materials and easily cuts through 2×4’s in a single pass.

Other Important Specs

The saw is powered by a 5 amp motor and delivers an astonishing 3,500RPM for its small size. It easily matches the performance of a bigger saw. The maximum cutting depth at 90 degrees is 1-11/16 inches and the bevel capacity at 45 degrees is 1-1/8 inches. The saw is easy to maneuver making plunge cuts and rips quick and easy.

Why We Liked It

WE like the fact that this really is a mini saw.  Light weight and compact yet has enough power to cut through material with a single pass eliminating the need to flip it over. It offers quick and easy operation with more maneuverability than a bigger saw. Take a look at some of its other features:

  • 5 amp motor
  • Left hand sided blade for better view
  • Half the size and weight of a conventional product
  • Rubber grip handle better maneuverability

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