SKIL 7492-02 2.8 Amp 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Review

The Skil 7492-02 is another reasonably priced sander, this is a stripped-down machine similar to the offerings we’ve reviewed from Porter-Cable and Black & Decker. The fixed high spin speed makes this a great and affordable tool for quick and efficient stock removal. The Skil 7492-02 runs on a 2.8 amp motor at a fixed speed of 12,500 orbits per minute, but pad break minimizes the occurrence of swirl, despite running at the high, random orbit speed.

This sander comes with a micro-filtration system and dust seal switch to help keep your working environment clean and help ensure that your orbit sander will live a longer life. The filtered dust and particles are kept in an interior canister and there is an added option of attaching a vacuum to increase cleanliness.

Another feature beyond the basics is the inclusion of pressure control technology that can warn you if excessive pressure is being applied while you sand. This can help prolong the life of your machine and lessen the likelihood of harming or scuffing the material you’re working on.

All in all, a fairly basic random orbital sander, but the Skil 7492-02 is a capable machine at a good value.  Worth checking out especially if you’re looking for something to handle the basic tasks and don’t necessarily need a more refined piece of equipment.

  • 2.8 amp motor that runs at a fixed speed of 12,500 orbits per minute.
  • Pad break minimizes scuff and swirl marks.
  • 5-inch disk size.

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