Bosch ROS65VC-6 Handle Random Orbital Sander Review

And another Bosch! Our third from the company, the ROS65VC-6 is in the same price range as the 1250DEVS, though the two sanders offer completely different functionality. This model is designed with much more of a focus on ease of usability during heavier duty stock removal as well as smoothing and finishing projects.

The vibration control allowed by Bosch’s exclusive suspension system makes for an extremely smooth operating experience, better handling, and a decrease in user fatigue. The ROS65VC-6 also comes with more dust collection equipment. The front and rear soft grip handles mean you can put the necessary pressure on your machine without wearing yourself out. Other areas of the sander are also built to grip, and the front handle can be removed if needed for more versatility and maneuverability.

Powering this sander is an impressive 3.3 amp motor with a variable speed dial so you can adjust between 5,500 and 12,000 orbits per minute. This model also accepts either 5-inch or 6-inch pads, so you have more sanding options to choose from. A tubular dust canister, a vacuum hose adapter and a Micro Filter mean you’ll be able to keep your work shop clean while working with this sander.

This sander is great for those who are doing a lot of stock removal and finishing work. It’s focus on comfort and operating experience make it one of the absolute best for those who are looking to sand a lot of wood.

  • Exclusive suspension system helps to minimize vibration and increase control and comfort during use.
  • 3.3 amp motor can run between 5,500 and 12,000 orbits per minute and is easily adjustable via the variable speed dial.
  • Option of switching between 5-inch and 6-inch pads
  • Soft grip handles and several equally comfortable spots to hold onto.

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