WEN 56180, 1500 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator Review


Since it was established in 1951, WEN has been known for producing high-quality power tools for worldwide distribution. Headquartered in Elgin, Illinois, WEN backs up its pride and stands behind all of its equipment, including its portable generators, with its significant warranties. With centers that are spread all across the country, they will ensure timely, accurate service.

Whether you need a generator for the home, the campground, or simply as an additional backup, WEN delivers a great portable unit. We took a look at their 56180, 1500 Watt Gas Powered model and have selected this generator to make our list on our Top Ten Best Portable Generators as our Best Value for its overall performance, durability, and affordability. Read on:


This lightweight and portable power generator is always ready to provide reliable power whenever and wherever needed with 1800 watt starting wattage and 1500 running watts of continual running power, and provides an essential companion at the campground, job site, or in those home power emergencies, allowing you to run those essentials such as the refrigerator, computer, television, microwave, and more.

The engine is EPA III approved and CARB-compliant, which allows for operation in all 50 states. The 1.45 gallon tank provides 7.5 hours of half-load runtime at full tank. Producing 98cc of power, this generator has an internal forced-air cooling system that helps maintain the engine and prevent it from heating up to dangerous levels.

Another safety feature is the low-oil shutdown that prevents any damage to the engine when the oil is down below the minimum level, protecting the engine from destruction. This generator is also smartly equipped with a spark arrestor to help reduce the sparks during operation, making it safe to use in forests or on the campsite.


There is a convenient panel on the side for easily handling and transporting the generator, and it is equipped with two 120 volt AC outlets and one 12 volt DC outlets for more convenient connecting of the various appliances and tools you need to use during a home outage, on the campground, or at a construction site.

The engine rests securely on the motor mounts located beneath the generator, which reduces the amount of vibration when running for a smoother operation, and it is also equipped with a noise muffler, and with both of these features combined works to provide a quieter generator at only 65db when it is at full load.

WEN has pioneered different technologies for its various engines, and this has made it the go-to company for innovative products, that combine power and performance in one functional unit, and it backs its 56180 portable generator with a two-year limited warranty for damage and repairs on all parts.


Whether you are dealing with a sudden power outage due to inclement weather like a hurricane, thunderstorm or snowstorm, or even if you are searching for that perfect power companion to take on your next camping venture, you want a generator that is not only easy to transport, but reliable and powerful enough to handle several appliances and devices for hours at a time. In this day and age of reliance on our electronics, life can be a bit devastating when the power grid shuts down, or is non-existent.

Instead of suffering though a bit of the Dark Ages, having a portable generator as a backup provides an excellent short-term solution for restoring adequate power back to your daily operations, and fills that gap until power is restored. When the power grid goes down, look to a portable generator for an excellent short-term solution to get back online without the expense or maintenance of a full-sized home generator.

Why We Liked It

With an easy assemble and startup, this model impressed us with its oil efficiency, running for a longer time than expected, and as long as the directions were followed, it operated with our load without any issue. The motor runs relatively quiet. All in all, this generator provided a solid, dependable power source and endures well for hours on end, all at a very affordable price tag.


If you need a solid, dependable portable generator for those light to medium power needs for the home, an outage, campground and job site, then this generator makes a great addition for a cost that is quite affordable. Compact and light weight, the WEN 56180 is easy to handle and transport, which works well for any setting, making this portable generator a great choice for transitioning through those short-term needs.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Extra safety features
  • Affordable

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