PowerPro 56101 Gas Powered Generator Review


Marketed by WEN, this PowerPro 56101 2-stroke 1000 watts portable generator is backed by a reputable company, widely known for producing high-quality power tools for worldwide distribution. Whether you need a generator for the home, the campground, or simply as an additional backup, there are numerous units from which to choose.

Our extensive reviews of portable generators have boiled it all down to the top ten best, saving you a boatload of time when it comes to choosing the best unit for your specific needs. This review covers the PowerPro 56101 and why we have selected it as one of our top ten favorites.

Top Features

This two-stroke generator is equipped with a 2hp which allows it to deliver 900 watts of continuous output and 1000 watts of starting power, and uses a 32:1 gasoline/oil mixture as fuel, using this mixture for all lubrication and therefore not requiring any crankcase oil. An advantage to having a two-stroke versus a typical four-stroke is there is better power control in a more compact system.

This generator can run for five hours on one tank of fuel at a 50% load capacity, which is half of what you see in what other typical 4-stroke engines provide and makes a great handyman’s accessory to have. There is a simple control panel located on the outside of the generator, that also includes a voltmeter for easy read, one three-pronged 120 volt outlet, and one two-pronged 12 volt outlet, each with their respective circuit reset buttons.

This portable generator is also equipped with a recoil rope system for starting the engine. Before starting the engine, ensure that the generator is properly grounded, and there is sufficient fuel in the system.


Regarded as one of the quieter power generators, the exhaust system with spark arrestor puts out only 60dBa at 22 feet, making this certified for safe use in any national forest or park. As a lightweight supplier, the PowerPro 56101 portable generator is ideal for camping out, running a few appliances at your home or cabin, or those minor emergencies where you need a sufficient power supply to get you through.

It can also be used at the job site for minor needs where it is more difficult to run power cords. Great for running the essentials during power outages. This unit includes battery charging cables and is backed by a limited warranty to be free from any workmanship defects and parts for a period of one year from the date of purchase.. The engine is also EPA III approved and CARB-compliant, which allows for operation in all 50 states.

There have been many high ratings of this particular PowerPro generator claiming how well it functioned to serve their specific needs, and how affordable it is for all that it delivers. There are a lot of consumers who like the fact that it is a lighter weight and easy to transport.

Why We Liked It

As some reviews have discussed, we also liked the fact that this is a two-cycle unit, which means there are no oil changes or valve adjustments required. The overall light weight and compact design worked great for our needs, and would be a nice little addition to take along to the ball games as well as using in the home for those basic needs. Overall, this little unit worked consistently well.


For those lighter needs for the home or an extra companion for recreation, this generator fits the bill for durability and handling for running the basic essentials.  Compact and easy to handle and transport, this unit is small but mighty, and gets the job done in a convenient, durable way.

  • Two-stroke generator
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Affordable

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