DEWALT DWM120K Band Saw Kit Review


If you’re looking to purchase a band saw, the DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp Portable Band Saw Kit is one of the best available on the market. DEWALT is known for making solid, high-quality tools and this tool is no exception. This corded power tool is powerful enough to cut through thick stock and piping easily and is made of durable materials that protect it from damage.

To determine if the DWM120K is the right tool for you, you first need to consider what kind of projects you plan on taking on. To do that, we need to discuss what applications these tools are best suited for.

Band saws are portable, allowing you to bring them wherever the job takes you, but their use is limited. This tool uses dual bearing blade guide rollers that produce a lateral cutting motion. The major limitation for this type of tool is the depth of the cut since this saw will only allow a 5” deep cut. It puts consistent lateral pressure on the workpiece, giving it more stability than a reciprocating saw allowing you to get smoother cuts.

Due to the depth limitation, they are perfect for cutting long, heavy pieces such as pipes, rebar, metal framing stock, and angle irons. While these applications are admittedly limited, having this tool for these particular projects will make the task much   quicker compared to using other heavier, stationary options.

Now, if you’ve determined that this is the kind of tool that you need, then we have good news—the DEWALT DWM120K is one of the best you can buy. It runs on a powerful 10 amp motor and is built to withstand years of heavy use. It produces clean, burr-free cuts that are much more finished than if you attempted to tackle the job with a manual hacksaw—and jobs can be done in a fraction of the time.

When you are considering a band saw you want to purchase something that doesn’t just slice through materials quickly—you want it to be well-made and easy to use, complete with helpful features that make your life easier. The DWM120K scores high marks in these categories.

In our review of the DEWALT DWM120K we will take a look at everything this powerful portable tool has to offer, including its construction, what’s included how much power it produces, and the features that it offers. After you read our comprehensive review, we’re sure you’ll be as impressed with the DWM120K as we are.

The DEWALT Deep Cut Band Saw was built to be a durable tool with a serviceable steel shroud and rubber bumpers that allow the guards to withstand jobsite abuse. The 10 Amp motor is designed with a variable speed control to withstand any application and is capable of producing 100-350 SPM (strokes per minute). It features an impressive 5” deep cut capacity, perfect for cutting round or rectangular stock. A large, multi-position, adjustable front handle provides plenty of room to make an accurate cut.

Weighing in at only 15 lbs, it is lightweight enough to carry and to get to those hard to reach spaces. Plus, DEWALT knows that a comfortable grip is an integral part of any saw’s performance. With this in mind, the DWM120K features an ergonomic soft grip back handle and a well-balanced body that will improve comfort and reduce user fatigue.

What Features Does It Offer?

The DEWALT DWM120K was designed to be the only band saw you’ll even need. It is built with quality materials complete with a serviceable steel shroud and rubber bumpers and a built-in mounting strap so that you can hang the tool instead of having to constantly put it up and down.

The DWM120K makes making clean cuts easy. An automatic LED light illuminates your cut line so that you can work in any light condition and rest assured you are achieving a precise, quality cut. And the band saw’s accurate blade tracking adjustment improves the alignment of the blade and reduces wear, resulting in an increased blade life, and the dual bearing blade guide rollers increase overall dependability.

It also makes changing out your blade once it is worn out quick and easy. The  blade changing lever eases the blade tension so you can pop the old blade off and replace it with a fresh one.

We’re not going to cut anything without the right amount of power and the DEWALT DWM120K receives high marks in this department too. Its 10 amp motor is designed to tackle even the most demanding job without getting bogged down and allows it to perform at speeds between 100 SPM to 350 SPM.

With a versatile deep-cut, this saw offers a 5” capacity for round stock and 5” x 4 ¾” capacity for rectangular stock. Plus, the variable-speed dial lets you select the perfect speed for each application in seconds so you can quickly cut whatever is front of you.

What Accessories are Included?

The DEWALT DWM120K comes with everything you need to get you started right out of the box. Inside you’ll find: the DWM120K DEWALT Deep-Cut Portable Band Saw, a hex wrench, a standard 44.875- by .500- by .020-inch blade, manual, and a kit box.

Why We Liked It

The DEWALT DWM120K is one of the best saws in its class. It provides impressive power resulting in clean, precise cuts in any workpiece. It’s built with the same attention to detail that you come to expect from DEWALT, it boasts great features such as an LED light and variable-speed dial.  And with sturdy construction and the added protection of rubber bumpers and a serviceable steel shroud, you can rest assured that it will withstand years of heavy use.


If you’re planning on taking on heavy duty tasks like cutting rebar, angle iron, steel framing stock, or pipes, the DEWALT DWM120K is one of the smartest purchases you can make. It’s easy enough for a beginner to use but has the power and versatility that will impress even the most well-seasoned pros. Built to last for years and loaded with great features that will reduce fatigue and increase your productivity, the DWM120K is a can’t miss addition to any workshop.

  • LED sight light allows you to see your cut line in any light condition
  • Powerful 10 amp motor that can handle almost any application
  • Variable speed control from 100 SFM to 350 SFM
  • Adjustable grip has 3 settings making this a comfortable tool for portable use
  • 5” deep round stock capacity; 5” by 4 ¾” rectangular stock capacity

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