DEWALT DW872 14-Inch Review


DEWALT has been manufacturing high-quality tools for over 90 years and the DEWALT DW872 14-Inch Multi-Cutter Saw is no exception. This chop saw is simply one of the best available on the market today. The DEWALT DW872 is an incredibly versatile power tool built to withstand years of heavy use. With rugged design and useful features, it’s equally at home in a residential workshop or an industrial job site.

With a powerful 15 amp motor to tackle even the toughest tasks, it’s guaranteed to be one of your most the most reliable tools you’ll ever purchase.

It should allow your work to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. You also want to make sure that the tool provides the most power possible, so that it can cut through even the most stubborn materials easily, while providing clean, burr-free cuts.

The Dewalt DW872 is durable and easy to use. Its specially designed 70-tooth carbide tipped blade cuts through 1/2″ sheets 8 times faster than portable band saws. Best of all, it delivers precise, burr-free cuts every time.

The DEWALT DW872 14-Inch Multi-Cutter Saw is the perfect power tool if you are planning on tackling materials such as steel, iron pipe, angle iron, rebar, or aluminum. It’s heavy duty enough to handle years of use and is also highly adaptable. With the largest capacity in its class, the DW872 has a better range than a deep-cut portable band saw, allowing you to cut through a wide variety of different materials for numerous useful applications.

The DEWALT DW872 14-Inch Multi-Cutter Saw was built with durability in mind. Weighing in at 47 pounds, it’s heavy and sturdy and designed for frequent use. It features an ergonomic handle design to offer comfort and ease the strain that taxing projects can take on your body. While it lacks some of the features offered by its higher priced competitors such as laser sights or built-in LED lights, it offers tremendous working power thanks to a 15 amp/4 HP motor capable of 1,300 RPM of speed.

The DEWALT DW8272 also is capable of making easy work out of any ferrous or non-ferrous metals, making it highly adaptable. And its specially designed carbide teeth deliver fast, precise, and virtually burr-free cuts which will reduce the need for preparation.

What Features Does It Offer?

The Dewalt DW872 14-Inch Multi-Cutter Saw was a power tool built with durability and simplicity in mind. It doesn’t have many bells and whistles. Instead it gives you raw power and versatility. The DW872 is capable of handling a wide variety of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Thanks to a 14”, 66-tooth blade it delivers a lower cost-per-cut than traditional abrasive discs.

The blade of the DEWALT DW872 also is carbide tipped allowing the depth of cut to remain constant throughout the life of the blade. The teeth deliver fast, precise, burr-free cuts that are cool to the touch so they’re safe for immediate use and don’t require any additional grinding or finishing.

With an impressive 15 amp/4 HP motor that provides a high overload capacity, you get increased performance, durability, and a longer-lasting blade. Plus with a no-load speed of 1,300 RPM, the DW872 14-Inch Multi-Cutter Saw cuts 2” x 2” x ¼” angle iron 4 times faster than other chop saws and 8 times faster than band saws.

So we know the DW872 is powerful and can cut through almost any workpiece smoothly and cleanly but what about its design? The DW872 was designed with the user in mind. The ergonomically designed handle puts your wrist in a more natural position. This is great for large projects since you reap the benefits of reduced fatigue and increased productivity and comfort.

The DW872 can also be used to cut other materials. Simply swap out the blade and replace it with one that is right for your project. It’s built with a quick-lock vise for easy, fast clamping of different size materials so you don’t have to worry about fumbling around with awkward-sized pieces of metal. And with a 45-degree adjustable Quick-Fence, you get make quick, accurate angle cuts without having to stop and adjust the angle with a wrench.

With an extra-wide solid steel base, this power tool provides increased stability when cutting longer material. It also features 4 pre-drilled holes in the base that allow you to easily bolt it down to any work bench. A heavy-duty lock down pin allows the head to be locked in the carrying position without the use of a chain and a durable top handle allows for easy portability.

What Accessories are Included?

The DEWALT DW872 14-Inch Multi-Cutter is available in two options. Make sure you purchase the one that’s right for your needs. Some products will specify that they are including the 14”, 66-tooth, carbide tipped, while others do not. Both options include the built-in features such as the quick-lock vise and adjustable 45 degree quick fence as well as a wrench to change blades.

Why We Liked It

The DEWALT DW872 is high-quality tool that is very versatile and is suitable for any user. Whether you are a beginner or pro, it can tackle even the toughest job and deliver quick, precise cuts. Durably built with tremendous power, it is reliable, able to cut a wide variety of materials, and is easy to use.


If you are looking for a solid, reliable option that will withstand years of abuse, it would be hard to find a better option. The DW872 is a well-constructed power tool that offers you the power and precision you need to tackle heavy duty tasks. Plus, the ability to swap out blades means you don’t need to worry about purchasing another product to cut wood or plastic.

Manufactured by one of the leading brands in power tools, the DW872 delivers what you’d expect from DEWALT—a high-performing, durable, reliable metal cutting saw that is capable of making clean, precise, burr-free cuts in a fraction of the time of its leading competitors.

  • 15 amp/ 4 HP motor capable of a high no-load speed 1,300 RPM
  • Carbide tipped, 66-tooth blade makes quick work of even the toughest metals
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to use vise grip feature
  • Locking mechanism and handle make it very portable
  • Capable of any use from light residential to heavy industrial

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