Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14” 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower  Review


The Sun Joe MJ401E is one of the most affordable electric lawn mowers available today. Lightweight and durable, it’s capable of providing quality results and offers great performance on small lawns. While it lacks some bells and whistles that some of the more expensive models on the market offer, it is very easy to use, handles well, and can make quick work of most grass conditions. When you begin researching lawn mowers, the main factors you want to focus on are its power, performance, and versatility.

You need to decide which model is capable of meeting the particular needs of your yard. It should also lessen the effort required when mowing the grass, offering good handling, speedy performance, and reliability.

In our review of the Sun Joe MJ401E, we look at everything this model offers such as its power, features, what’s included, and its design. Once you’ve finished reading our comprehensive review, we bet you’re going to be pretty impressed with this compact, easy-to-use corded lawn mower.

The MJ401E is built almost entirely from hardened plastic. It’s sturdy enough for regular use but the main benefit of this design is that it allows it to be extremely light. At only 29 lbs, you can push this model around the yard, making quick, easy turns with minimal effort.

Since it’s an electric model, it’s a nice alternative to the heavier gas models out there. The MJ401E allows you to enjoy reduced noise, zero emissions, and low-maintenance. While it looks very basic, it offers enough features to cover the needs of any small yard and, thanks to its compact design, can be stored practically anywhere.

What Features Does It Offer?

The Sun Joe MJ401E is a compact, electric mower that runs on a powerful 12 amp motor. This power allows it to produce quick, smooth cuts on well-maintained lawns. With an instant start-up feature, you can turn it on in an instant and the throttle lever by the handle allows you to keep the motor running as you mow. Plus, since it’s electric, worrying about gas, oil, or tune-ups is a thing of the past.

With a 14” cutting deck, the MJ401E is compact enough to make tight turns and squeeze into hard-to-reach spaces making it ideal for small gardens and lawns. And with the ability to select from 3 different cutting heights, you can easily adjust to the ideal height for your type of grass.

The MJ401E comes with a 10.6 gallon grass catcher that is easily attached to the rear of the mower to catch all your clippings. It is designed with a hard top which makes it easier to maneuver and carry, while offering a bit more durability.

This mower is also constructed of hard plastic, allowing this compact unit to be incredibly lightweight. At only 29 lbs, it can be maneuvered easily and without effort. Plus, you can easily store it anywhere. And with rugged wheels, moving this model on uneven terrain is virtually effortless.

What Accessories are Included?

The Sun Joe MJ401E comes with the Sun Joe MJ401E 12-Amp Lawn Mower, detachable rear collection bag, and manual. With easy assembly, you can be mowing your grass in about 15 minutes.

Why We Liked It

The Sun Joe MJ401E is a powerful little electric model with lots of power, capable of delivering smooth, clean cuts. Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to handle and stow away.  Since it’s electric, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, gas, oil, noise, or maintenance, making it a very easy tool to operate and maintain. And with a 14” cutting deck, you can cut those hard-to-reach spots with ease.


For a small yard, the Sun Joe MJ401E is simply one of the best options available on the market today. It is simple to operate and offers great handling and performance, making it the perfect model for someone planning on cutting the grass on a weekly basis. It’s easy to store and with its compact design, you can tackle even the most difficult areas easily. At one of the most affordable price points around, it’s a terrific choice for anyone looking for a green, economical, and consistent landscaping tool.

  • Powerful 12 amp motor
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Low noise, easy maintenance
  • Adjustable cutting feature lets you choose from 3 cutting heights

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