DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling Line laser Review


The DEWALT DW089k Self-leveling line laser is yet another great innovation as far as finding the best laser level goes. What makes this laser stand out from other laser levels is the second plumb line which forms a 90 degree angle intersecting line on the floor and ceiling. This eliminates the need for a second laser level and takes care of all your layout applications in one go.  There is little to almost no need for extra accessories when using this laser, which makes it cost effective and quick and easy to use.

Technical Specs

The micro adjust knob allows you to align the laser as needed and the laser beam is twice as bright as the previous DEWALT model making it a lot more visible.  With a track clearance of 1-3/4 inches, the laser can be raised over drywall track without the need for extra accessories like tripods and extenders. There is an integrated pivot bracket and universal wall mount which makes it perfect for use during ceiling installation.  The laser is accurate for up to +/- 1/8inches at 30ft and is self leveling for up to +/- 4 degrees.  Single button control panel makes operation easy and hassle free.


The laser is designed with 3 laser beams which include a 90 degree angle plumb line. These specifications are needed for layouts which require a 90 degree layout.  This vertical plumb beam eliminates the need for a second laser level when used in conjunction with the universal wall mount. The micro adjust knob is an extremely important feature as it allows the user to adjust the beam in small increments without having to physically move the device around. A full time pulse mode allows for the use of a line detector which will extend the lasers reach to 165 ft


The lasers over-molded housing is covered in IP54 rated material making it strong and durable enough to withstand extended periods on harsh job site environments.  Water and dust proof as well as knock proof which allows the laser to stay calibrated for a longer period of time. The laser comes with a hard-sided storage box so that the laser level can be safely transported to and from the job site.  It has a built in metal roll cage for extra stability as well as a lightweight integrated pivot bracket which fits onto any universal wall mount. This is a class 2 laser with an output of 1mW to power its three laser beams.


Thanks to the second plumb line feature, this laser holds a great advantage when it comes to installing acoustic ceilings and drywall applications fast and effectively. Mapping wall and floor layout is a breeze with the three-beam features and even smaller projects like window and door installations are quick and easy.

This is the perfect laser for construction tradesmen or anyone who is thinking of building their own home. The track clearance of over 1-3/4 inches means that there is no need for any additional tools or accessories to lift the laser beam over drywall tracks.

Other Important Specs

The laser is battery operated and uses 4 AA batteries which give you an average of 30 hours of battery life. The device weighs 4.4 pounds and is 11.3 x 10.6 x 4.8 inches which makes it compact yet sturdy enough for transporting to and from construction site jobs. It is black in color and is water and dust proof because of its durable outer molding.  The laser comes with a 3 year warranty as well as 1 year free service plan.

The laser beam is red in color and is twice as bright to increase visibility in bright daylight conditions. Include any other key elements you think would be important if you were thinking about purchasing these items for yourself. These will be headings used in the article and can be used in each of the 10 reviews to standardize them.

Why We Liked It

We are not the only ones who liked this product very much. Customers who purchased this device rated it 41/2 stars out of 5.  It is jam-packed full of special features yet it is easy to use while being strong and durable enough for extended use on the job site. We also liked the fact that there is no need for extra accessories like tripods or a second laser level.  Here are some other features we like

  • 3 beams for 90 degree layouts
  • Micro adjust knob for easy alignment
  • 3 year warranty
  • Battery operated
  • 30 hour battery life

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