Bosch GLL 30 Self leveling Cross Line laser Review


The Bosch GLL 30 Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser ensures that any leveling or alignment tasks are done quickly and correctly.  A versatile laser which projects two lines to form a perfect cross line projection which is highly visible.  Highly accurate with a simple one switch operating system allows the user to make confident measurements every time with little to no hassles at all. This laser kit comes standard with a belt pouch for easy and convenient carry along accessibility. Ergonomically shaped, compact and light weight making it easy to use and even easier to store away neatly.

Technical Specs

The laser can be clamped onto virtually any surface thinner than 2 1/4 inches to produce level lines at any height and almost any angle. The laser has an accuracy of +/- 5/16 inches at 30 ft and is self leveling at 4 degrees.  It operates at a temperature of 41 degrees fareinheidt / 5 degrees Celsius / 40 degrees Celsius.  The laser diode is a class 11 653nm which has an output of 1mW. The device has an integrated locking system to protect the pendulum when the laser is not in use.  This makes it safe and easy to transport to and from job sites.


The kit includes the MM 2 Flexible Mounting device which is used for quick set up in stairway installations or in free standing mode.  The laser level is able to self level at 4 degrees and has an out of level indicator which blinks when out of line levels are detected.  Designed with a manual; mode which allows the user to lock the cross beams in place with just a simple tilt of the tool. It has a one switch operating system and comfortable soft grip design making it a pleasure to use. The laser boasts 360 degree coverage and the Smart Pendulum System ensures that you will have accurate measurements every time.


The plastic composite housing is sturdy and durable with a ¼ inch threading mount which can be easily fitted onto a universal tripod.  The plastic outer cover of the laser protects against light bumps and falls which are bound to happen in or around the work place.  It is light weight and compact with a comfortable soft grip.  This unit weighs a small 0.5lbs making it easy to use and even easier to store away.


The laser projects 2 lines, forming a cross line projection.  This makes it the perfect tool for leveling and aligning applications.  Use it for building the perfect bookshelf or hang straight standard floating shelves in the den.  It’s one switch operating system and manual tilt locking application makes leveling and aligning stairways an easy feat.  Installing kitchen cabinets has never been this quick and easy and even the trickiest of alignment applications are no match for this laser level.

Other important specs

The laser unit projects both a vertical plumb aswell as a horizontal level line.  Battery operated using 2 AA lithium ion batteries.  The unit has a new and improved design with dimensions measuring only 2.8 x 2.2 x 2 inches. It comes with a 2 year warranty and is able to lock its lines at any angle making it very versatile when working with tricky angles. The flexible mounting device allows the user to make micro fine height adjustments without losing level.

The laser is able to clamp onto any surface thinner than 2-1/4 inches thick to allow for even further accuracy in measurements. Include any other key elements you think would be important if you were thinking about purchasing these items for yourself. These will be headings used in the article and can be used in each of the 10 reviews to standardize them.

Why We Liked It

 The Bosch GLL 30 Self Leveling Cross Line Laser projects two lines making vertical and horizontal measurements much easier to perform. This line laser does not need to be manually leveled by the operator and an out of level blinking cross line beam indicates incorrect levels. High visibility for up to 30 ft. with an accuracy of 5/16 inches.


  • Self leveling and lock in system
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Micro fine height adjustment
  • Performs at any angle
  • Manual tilt and lock function
  • New and improved design

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