Hitachi CS51EAP 50.1CC Chain Saw Review

The Hitachi CS51EAP 50.1CC Rear Handle Chain Saw is a professional-grade saw that’s built to cut and buck larger trees and handle similarly-sized projects quickly and efficiently. The “Pure Fire” 50.1cc commercial-grade engine and 20-inch bar make this machine incredibly powerful for an electric saw. This is definitely one of the most heavy-duty electric’s on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to use or inaccessible for the average home owner.

Bumper chain brakes and a sprocket nose bar give you an extra sense of control and make for easier cuts, while a spring type anti-vibration system means a user-friendly operating experience that won’t wear you out on longer projects. The CS51EAP also boasts safety features such as a strong double pole brake handle and a throttle lever lockout that stops the chainsaw from being accidentally started before the you’re ready. This model does require a manual startup, but proper use and maintenance of the choke lever, primping pump and decompression valve will keep startup time (and effort) to a minimum.

As an added bonus, depending on how much power you need for the type of job you’re looking to do, optional 16-inch and 18-inch guides are available meaning that the CS51EAP is not only capable of taking care of tasks like bucking and wood cutting, it can also be used as a capable limber or trimmer, though you might be better to try a machine specifically designed¬† with those project in mind, such as the WG303.1 from WORX.

  • A 20-inch bar comes standard, but optional 16- and 18- inch bars are available.
  • "Pure Fire" 50.1cc commercial grade engine.
  • Bumper chain brakes, sprocket nose bar, and anti-vibration system combine for a user friendly operating experience.
  • Choke lever, primping pump, and decompression valve make manual startup a simple task

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