Milwaukee 2704-20 ½ Hammer Driver Drill Review

Milwaukee 2704-20 ½ Inch Hammer Driver Drill

The Milwaukee 2704-20 ½ Inch Hammer Driver Drill is an exceptional tool – something every craftsman should have in his tool kit. The driver drill is powered with a brushless motor that allows it to maximize its energy use and run time. The brushless motor is also capable of delivering up 1,200 pounds of peak torque! It is a truly impressive machine and has a lot of working potential. The Milwaukee 2704-20 Hammer Driver Drill is also capable of reaching 2,000 RPM that will give you some of the best and fastest drilling speeds on the market.

One of the special features of the Milwaukee 2704-20 is its Red Link technology. The Red Link Plus technology prevents damage to the tool – specifically by monitoring a battery. The Red Link Plus technology keeps an eye on the battery functions and makes sure that the device doesn’t overheat. By doing this, it makes sure that you never overload and your device will have better longevity and better energy efficiency. This technology helps to ensure that your battery will deliver you more work per charge and more work over the lifetime of the battery itself.

As a battery operated device, you’ll also gain the freedom of more mobility and versatility with this device. You won’t be limited by a cord and will be able to position the driver drill as needed without having to worry about putting too much wear and tear on the cord.

  • Battery operated device
  • Lightweight
  • Red Link Plus Technology
  • 1,200 pounds of peak torque
  • Can attain up to 2,000  RPM

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