DEWALT DCD996P2 MAX XR 3-Speed Hammer Drill Kit Review

The DEWALT DCD996P2 MAX XR 3 Speed Hammer Drill Kit

The DEWALT DCD996P2 3 Speed Hammer Drill Kit is one of the best tools on the market for any mason or construction worker that needs a reliable tool that will get the job done consistently. They’ve done a lot to step up their game and create an outstanding product – it shows in their craftsmanship of the machines.

Their incorporation of a brushless motor is one of the most notable features on this hammer drill. By incorporating the brushless motor instead of brushed motor, they’ve been able to increase their run time by 57 percent!

In addition to the motor, they’ve also incorporated high transmission speeds that prove to be incredibly useful for fast application time and helps increase the efficiency of their run time. The device also comes with three different speeds to choose from, making it a great option for anyone who works with a variety of materials.

The DEWALT DCD996P2 is also a great option for extended work. Their battery packs come with a fuel gage so you know exactly how much run time you’re working with and happen to be about 33 percent more efficient than other standard packs.

The DEWALT DCD996P2 also comes with a handy LED Spotlight mode that is perfect work work in crawl spaces, night work, or any other type of work that will put you in a dark area. The DEWALT DCD996P2 function allows you to work for 20 minutes before the auto shut off kicks in, giving you plenty of time to do extended work in the dark without having to constantly turn your light back on.


  • 3 speeds to work with
  • Durable hammer drill that will last
  • Battery packs come with fuel gage
  • High transmission speeds for faster application time
  • Brushless motor increases efficiency by up to 57%
  • Comes with LED Spotlight that makes working in the dark for extended periods doable.

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