WORX WG518 Electric Blower/Vac Review

Here’s a machine that runs off of twelve amperage of power.

Worx makes a lot of electric appliances ranging from leaf blowers to battery powered and corded lawn mowers. This brand has released quite a few models of almost every type of product that they deal in and have really refined their products’ systems and designs over the many years that they’ve been in business for themselves.

The company deals in everything from powerful, to average, to the weakest of machines – they tend to try and deal in a lot of niches. With all their work, they have in fact successfully managed to built a brand and reputation of creating good products for themselves. When it comes to the electric tool department, Worx is definitely hitting around with and competing with the biggest of companies.

In general, you can trust a Worx machine. But what about the WG518, does it earn its own salt and is it worth it to pick up if you’re in the market for an electric leaf blower?

First off, you should know that this particular product is going to be able to give you all the power that you need, almost all of the time. With a twelve amp electric motor powering this whole rig, you should be able to handle even the toughest and heaviest of yard debris. The WG518 can actually produce wind speeds ranging anywhere between 160 – 250 mph.

Being able to generate such high levels of blow, this product is actually right up there with a gas blower – though perhaps a bit weaker than some of the strongest of them. As an added bonus, though, there’s no hassle or mixing of fuels when it comes to getting this machine to work – you simply have to plug it up and flip it on and it’s as easy as that.

This Worx is a two-speed machine, meaning that you can adjust its output as you go. There are two settings on this blower that one can toggle through. This makes it perfect for jobs that require less oomph. This adjustable functionality also makes this product great for those who might not be able to handle a full-power blower like this, but that are looking for a product with its functionality and capabilities.

It should also be noted that this product is a bit heavier than other electrics out there, but, at a respectable enough ten pounds of weight, it should be able to be wielded by most people depending on how big of a job one wishes to use it to undertake.

To add to this product’s value, it can also functions as a vacuum for any of the leaves that it’s used to push and shove around. The vacuuming power of this piece of yard equipment is not actually as strong as its blowing system; however, it’s good enough to make most anyone’s life easier – who likes picking up leaves by hand, after all?

With the WG518, you’ll never have to manually collect your leaves again, which is always a great feeling. No more bending over, no more struggling, just the ease of operating a function and effective piece of hardware. The vacuuming tube on this Worx is also rather large and the included collection bag comes affixed with a shoulder strap to help you to bear the load of the added weight of anything that you suck up.

Perhaps the most impressive feature and function of this tool, though, besides its amazing blowing power, is its built-in and extremely efficient shredder. Even with the most premium electric leaf blowers on the market, you’re generally only going to be able to find impellers that can reduce yard debris by a ratio of 10:1 at the most.

Meanwhile, the WG518 boasts a shocking 16:1 reduction ratio. This means that something as large as one hundred gallons of leaves could be reduced to as little as only a bit under seven gallons with this leaf blower’s impressive shredder.

Switching from this product’s blowing modes to its vacuuming and shredding settings is actually also pleasingly simple. You won’t need any tools, in-depth know how, or prior experience to set anything up. This machine comes with exactly two hoses included that can be removed and affixed by anyone. Consult the manual of your product if you have any questions about how to do this, but in general its a very intuitive process and we really admire the design of it. On a quick side-note, though, we would like to remind you that if you’re looking to use this blower’s collection capability that you’re going to want to affix the included collection bag to it as well.

All in all, this isn’t a bad machine at all. It does everything and anything that other leaf blowers on the market are capable of doing and in regards to its massive shredding and leaf compression ratio you’re going to find it hard to beat this Worx model.

This is a contractor quality machine on par with most gasoline powered alternatives out there. That said, it’s lightweight and simple enough to be used for almost any residential use or yard. We’d even go out on a limb and say that everyone could enjoy and benefit from this powerful tool.

Yes, it might boast just a little too much power for some – and possibly even more power than anyone who just needs to dust off a porch or deck would ever reasonably need; however, we would argue that the variable, two-speed functionality that allows you to control and modify this blowers output air speed will calm it down enough for most.

With all the bells and whistles that this Worx model comes with, we find it hard not to recommend it as one of the best electric leaf blowers out there, especially when you consider it’s less than half of a hundred dollars at many retail outlets and on many major online stores.

Some homeowners might want to go for a lesser blower, of course, and that’s perfectly fine. Just know that there are options like this out there for the same money as you’re going to pay for a weaker brand/product.

  • Amazing 16:1 shredding ratio.
  • Powerful 150-210 mph air flow.
  • Toggleable dual-speed capability.
  • Vacuuming capability.
  • Great price at retail.

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