WORX WG517 Leaf Electric Blower Review

Most electric leaf blowers fall squarely into one of a few categories. Very seldom do you have a product or machine that falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of products and that can also still do the job that it’s designed to do in any kind of decent way.

To break it down, you generally have your heavy duty and contractor grade rigs, first and foremost. These high-power rigs are strong and there’s practically no doubt that they’re going to get whatever job that you need them to accomplish done. Unfortunately, high-power blowers also tend to be heavy, cumbersome, and sometimes they’re actually a bit too strong. Elderly, young, particularly small, or disabled individuals all can, at times, have trouble with these type of blowers.

Does this mean that heavy-duty blowers are bad or impractical? No, not at all; these blowers are mainly designed for contractors and those who have heavy-duty workloads set before them – these groups of people generally do actually need the power and speed that a more powerful electric leaf blower can contribute to a project.

Besides, for those who need a bit of a lighter machine, there are those leaf blowers that have been primarily designed for residential use. These machines are generally lighter, produce less wind speed and have a lower air output mph, and they even oftentimes cost less than bigger machines which puts them more in the price point of your everyday family.

There are even electric leaf blowers that are designed to be extremely compact and small for workshop use. Really, there’s something for every individual, couple, and household out there, and something that is designed in a way that almost everyone with a yard or deck could probably put these products to good use.

Sitting somewhere between the handheld and more powerful models of blowers is the Worx WG517. This blower is light and yet it boasts a 7.5 amp electric turbine that sits in a peculiar middle ground of energy draw.

Most products like this one run on a motor that’s anywhere from four to twelve amps. Am amperage of four from an electric motor usually produces a rather week blow, whereas an output of twelve amps can create a product that’s capable of pushing around even the wettest of soggy and damp leaves.

An amperage of 7.5 is unique among these types of products in that it is enough to be considered a bit more of a power draw than some, but not quite a large one.

So, how does this number of amps output when they’re put to test? Actually, it could be argued that this product challenges even some gas blowers. How is this possible? The unique design simply puts this machine a step ahead of almost all of the other products on the market that try to compete with it.

Let us explain how this tool works and how it separates itself from the rest of the tools out there. Firstly, it has a unique method of drawing in air. The entirety of the back of the WG517 is devoted to drawing in wind in a manner where there’s no complicated circulation that could diminish any of the force of the air that it’s drawing in.

Secondly, the turbine that sits inside the machine, just beyond the tool’s air intake, is a simple but extremely effective tool for speeding up and shooting the air that passes through down and out this product’s hose. Speaking of the hose, the WG517’s is extremely simple and leaves almost absolutely no room for any loss of air mph.

So? How does the Worx WG517 compare to other blowers? Well, it’s just about as powerful as all but the most expensive and exclusive contractor models really. This product is very well capable of challenging traditional and gas powered alternatives; an awesome thing to think about, when most green and electric blowers sacrifice power for eco-friendliness, dependability, and ease of operation.

This product is pretty astonishing and more than capable of picking up after almost any kind of yard work or for clearing your yard in the Fall.

To further sweeten the deal here, this slick machine is incredibly lightweight. How light you may wonder? Just around 6.2 pounds – yep, it’s really that light. In fact, the WG517 was designed to be capable of being wielded with only a single hand.

With the kind of power that this blower offers it’s a steal at its average, retail going price of just below sixty dollars per unit. Here you’re getting just about all of the power of a gas powered machine in one that’s easy to operate and purely electric.

The only downside to this unit is that it doesn’t feature any kind of shredding functions or modes. This might possibly have something to do with its straightforward turbine design, which very well might have been compromised if any impellers were added into this product’s frame.

As is, this is strictly only a leaf blower. You’re going to have to collect the leaves that you pile up yourself and either with another tool or by hand. This is a bit of a shame, but – in our opinion, at least – the effectiveness and power of this electric blower when it comes to actually blowing around leaves makes up for its lack of any auxiliary functions to an extent.

That said, the actual blowing of leaves is a painless and simple process with the WG517. It has a three-speed functionality, that allows you to control the speed at which the built in turbine rotates.

Using this tool at lower speeds is the easiest experience in the world. However, if you do decide to kick up this product’s speed to its second or third gear, we would suggest that you use two hands for its higher power settings. Prolonged use at higher wind outputs can put a bit of a strain on your wrist; although, it’s nothing that’s really worth worrying over we’d thought we give you the option to avoid just a little bit discomfort.

  • Lightweight and usable with one hand.
  • Extremely powerful.
  • Super affordable.

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