WORX WG500 TRIVAC Vac/Blower Review

Power, heft, functionality, ease, an unflinching ability to get the job done. All of these descriptions fit the WG500 Worx Trivac pretty perfectly.

This is by all means a luxury and heavy-duty product. This is for your rural home owners, your lot purchasers, and anyone who is going to come in contact with big jobs that require a commercial-grade blower. This machine is even capable of throwing around the wettest of leaves and that’s pretty unheard of when you’re talking about electric leaf blowers.

What gives this product its ability to produce impressive results like this? Well, just let us break down some of this tool’s specs for you.

Firstly and most basically, this is a machine that’s being powered by an optimized and highly utilized 12 amp motor. The Worx Trivac, however, even beats out many of its 12 amp competitors when it comes to raw power.

How powerful is the force of the air that unloads out of this tool’s hose, you might be wondering? Well, if this blower is powered properly, then air pressure that’s been clocked at up to 210 mph is produced by the piece of equipment’s powerful electric motor.

The problem with most non-gas fueled appliances and pieces of yard equipment is pretty simple: they’re just usually not comparable to, or even as capable as, their fossil fuel powered relatives – it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about leaf blowers or lawn mowers, this is just a very common problem with electric tools across almost all product types whenever horsepower is a concern and valuable commodity.

The WG505 is one of the few electric leaf blowers that can compete with its gas powered counterparts. It’s still not going to be as strong as the most powerful gas machines, but it’s tough and sturdy enough to punch above its weight and to make most other electric blowers look a bit weak in comparison.

With this product, Worx has really created an electric piece of lawn equipment that’s worthy to be seen as contractor and commercial grade.  The manufacturer of this top rate product also hasn’t skimped on the auxiliary uses for the WG500. This Worx blower also has a number of functions besides its primary directive of moving around leaves – even though it’s pretty good at that first job as is.

Arguably, where this tool shines even more than it does when it’s in its standard, blowing mode is when you switch it over to its vacuuming setting. The suction and force of this machine’s vacuuming function is definitely, definitely no joke. Just like you’re going to be able to shove around the heaviest of leaves when using this tool as a blower, you’re also going to be able to suck them up with the same ease and convenience.

The vacuuming capability of the WG505 is even further supplemented by another, included, and optional use of this tool.  A good amount of the power that this product’s 12 amp engine draws in can be directed straight to its built-in metal impeller.  This tool’s impeller is among some of the best on the market and is more than capable of shredding even the most problem leaves.

With an impressive 100:1 ratio of shredding, everything that you run through the WG500’s shredder will be reduced in volume by a factor of ten – 100 gallons of leaves will become 10 gallons, 10 gallons will become one, and so on and so on.

When you compare this blower to some of the other strongest that are offered on the market, you’ll see that it has almost no competitors when it comes to the power of its shredder.

We still haven’t talked about how to cycle through its modes, however. The first thing you should know is that the WG500 has no tubes, houses, or attachments that you can attach or detach. Everything that you can do with this blower you’re going to be able to – and have to – do with its basic, factory configuration. This does have its benefits, but it also has a few drawbacks as well.

First off, thanks to this design you can cycle through the blower’s modes easily and without any hassle. With just a press of a button you can go from blowing, to vacuuming, to shredding, and then back – no tools required and you don’t even have to take a break in your work, it’s just incredibly convenient.

Because there are no other large or bulky tubes to haul around, you also don’t have to worry about the storing of anything other than this unit’s singular frame and body – although it is a bit clunky, so you might need a bit of room for it anyway.

The upside for having no attachments is that everything is simplified, streamlined, and easy to use. The real downside, on the other hand, is that this tool really just can’t do everything that other interchangeable models are able to do.

The air stream on the WG500, for example, is not adjustable; meaning that if its massive air mph isn’t suitable for any one type of job, then you’re likely going to have to get creative to get anything done. This is probably the major flaw with this product, it’s just not as adaptable as others on the market – even despite being impressively powerful and rugged.

Whereas many other blowers offer something like a concetrator nozzle to really direct wind flow, the  WG500 just doesn’t – you’re stuck with its overbearing power.

This lack of customization could also make the WG500 difficult for anyone who would have a hard time lugging around more than eleven pounds all day – if this is a concern, also keep in mind that the air mph of this product can’t be adjusted either which can definitely be a bit tiresome on frailer individuals.

The WG500 is good at what it does and is great for an able bodied yard worker. For large or problem properties – even despite its limitations – this blower would no doubt be a dream come true for some.

  • Powerful.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Effectively eliminates the need for most of the work involved with leaf collecting.

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