Toro 51619 Ultra Leaf Blower & Vacuum Review

There’s a reason that Toro is one of the leading electric leaf blower brands: to put it simply, their products are simply good quality. This particular tool features a beautiful and interchangeable design that you’d be hard pressed to find outmatched elsewhere. Firstly this model isn’t merely just your classical leaf blower, rather it’s in fact three machines in one.

The main and titular feature of the product is its powerful leaf blowing function, which can produce air speeds of up to 250 mph. This is a good enough amount of power and should allow you to brush around even the heaviest of leaves with ease.

Put your leaves into piles, rows, lines, it doesn’t matter the 51619 should definitely be able to handle it. With a variable speed, that can be adjusted via a simple knob, you’ll always be able to tune into just the right amount of blowing speed for any job whether it’s big, small, or insurmountable.  And if you need even more specific air flow, then your purchase of the 51619 also includes both a power insert attachment and a concentration too.

The included power insert nozzle will give you an even more powerful burst of wind and the concentrator nozzle will allow you to pinpoint exactly where you want your blower to focus all of its air speed. The concentrator nozzle is also just great for dislodging stubborn leaves or debris from out between rocks or under objects.

The next function of the Toro is its ability to function as an awesome vacuuming machine. All you have to do is to change the 51619 from its blowing and to its collecting functions is to swap out its hose’s.

The leaf blowing hose that is the default setting should come off rather easily and the larger vacuuming hose should clip on also with zero fuss or struggle. Thanks to the quick release latch on the underside of this Toro, you will require absolutely no tools to convert this machine into any one of its different modes of function.

Once you’ve gotten all your leaves all collected and neat, all you have to do is suck them up out and off of your yard.

But how do you store the leaves that you’re vacuuming, you might be wondering? Don’t worry, this product’s manufacturer has you covered. The 51619 comes pre-equiped with a heavy-duty collection bag that you can attach to the machine when you’re ready to clear off your yard. You’ll never have to load another trash can or truck bed by hand. Simply empty this machine’s vacuum bag into whatever disposal unit or hauling vehicle that you prefer and avoid any hassle filled collection or headache of a cleanup.

With the 51619, the work that you do after collecting all of your leaves can be the easiest part of the job. Did we mention that emptying this three in one tool’s vacuum bag is also extremely easy? Sewn into the bag’s base is a solidly constructed zipper, one that’s strong enough to hold up to almost any load that you fill the container up with but that’s also easy to unzip to deposit your collections somewhere else.

But it gets even better. We all know that leaves aren’t exactly dense or easy to store things – a relatively low numbers of leaves actually tend to take up a large amount of valuable space. This might raise the concern of how often you might have to empty the 51619’s collection bag.

Well, luckily for its user, Toro has included a shredding feature into this new blower that’s an improvement over all of their previous products. This shredding system will allow you to stuff a pleasingly and happily surprising amount of leaves into your machine’s collection bag.

This tool’s shredder can actually reduce up to 88% of the volume of the debris that you run through it. That’s the equivalent of taking a pre-teen sized pile of leaves and reducing it to the volume of a small dog. Every leaf that you through this Toro is going to be finely compressed and shredded into a sawdust-like consistency, thanks to its quality metal impeller.

This a corded electric leaf blower, so expect to have to run an extension cord of whatever length that it takes to cover your yard. There is a two-pronged male plug inside a round receptacle that hangs just barely off of this yard tool, so you should expect to have to plug it into a female, outdoor extension cord that will ground the flow of electricity that’s going to be coming into this blower.

Also keep in mind that this piece of yard equipment can output up to 12 amps of power if you don’t adjust it’s variable dial to a lower setting. For those that don’t know, that’s an amperage that some of the most powerful electric land mowers on the market share – in short, this blower is a powerhouse.

All of this strength can definitely be a bit much for older or younger individuals, so just keep in mind that these groups of people might need to moderate how much wind speed that they let this machine put out at any given time.

Luckily, as long as you monitor just how much energy that you’re letting this blower generate, then you shouldn’t have to worry about it being cumbersome or hard to handle. This is definitely a lightweight product – it only weighs just about 8.5 pounds while you’re working with it, and all of the attachments and bag weight only about 12.7 pounds all together.

Oh and did we mention that the 51619 can be stored and hung in its vacuum bag? Well, it can and was actually designed to be – there’s almost no leaf blower on the market that’s easier to store than this one is. Making this one of the best products that you’re going to be able to find if you’re looking for an easily storeable items, or if you just don’t have much space for your tools.

  • Adjustable strength.
  • Lightweight.
  • Extremely powerful.
  • All parts can be stored in their own bag.

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