Greenworks 24012 Electric Blower Review

Value, functionality, simplicity, effectiveness for the one and only job that it was designed for – that’s what you’re paying for when you purchase the Greenwork 24012. And you’re not paying much, either – not if you lay down the regular retail price that this blower goes for, which ranges from as high as forty-nine dollars to as low even twenty-five dollars.

Some more expensive tools can blow snow, crush and crack leaves into the finest grains of mulch, and even collect your rows of yard debris into disposable or easily-transportable bags once your done leaf blowing. Well, this product isn’t going to do any of that, but it will do its basic job.

Greenworks is a company that has produced a good number of electric yard work, home, and gardening tools in the past. The manufacturer is know for putting out both higher end and extremely affordable, low cost, but yet still decent quality, tools for your average consumer.

As you probably could have guessed, just based upon the price alone, the 24012 is one of the products that Greenworks sells and markets mostly based upon its value.

But just because it’s ridiculously affordable does not mean that this blower is incapable of paying its purchase price back – and with dividends even. Let us be frank, this blower is not going to come equipped with all the bells, whistles, and convenience of a luxury model, but it can give you quite a bang for your bunk.

How does this great value do its job and what are its strengths?

First off, its price is unbeatable and should be affordable to just about anyone whose working a legal, full-time job in a first world country. This is the main selling point of this Greenworks product even though it’s a simple one – still, you can’t beat the price on this blower with any of its competitors, not if you want a reputable and dependable name on your tool.

Which brings us to the second benefit of this product, the brand value.  Greenworks is an established and trustworthy brand that will provide a warranty that you can depend on with this blower. If it doesn’t work, there’s no need to worry, complain, or to try and fix the yard tool yourself; just contact the manufacturer and asking for either a refund or a replacement.

Greenworks has even been known to pay for return and replacement shipping on faulty products of their’s; by all accounts they care about their brand’s reputation and customer service.

The next benefit of this tool is its ease of use. Almost every gasoline-powered leaf blower in the world is a hassle to use and to maintain. Cranking a gas-guzzling model of this type of yard tool can also be a tiring nuisance – and can even easily become a nightmare if for some reason your product is shutting itself off at intervals.

On that same note, finding a problem or issue in the engine and workings of a gas blower requires one to have a mechanical and working man’s savvy that a lot of folks just don’t have any other reason to reasonably posses – and even those who do can easily be annoyed by a finicky or argumentative gas-powered machine.

Electrical leaf blowers, on the other hand, are environmentally friendly and start with just the push of a button.

The 24012, to be specific, is also a corded model and will never require you to recharge or fill it up with fuel.

With this surprisingly cheap machine you’re going to be able to go and go until the jobs done, if that’s what you’re wanting to do that is; it’s also just as easy to lay off an take a break with this easy to disengage and easy to start yard tool.

There’s no complicated gas-mixing or prepping an electric blower for winter, making its maintenance and upkeep super easy and cheap.

As for the effectiveness and uses of the 24012, well, you’re going to be buying a humble machine if you sign on for this one. The 24012 outputs just about six amps of power. This product is by no means a powerhouse, as it runs on just about half the amperage of some of the more capable options out there.

This is a sidewalk blower if there ever was one. This is not the tool that you go to if you have a large turf yard that you need to blow.

There’s also only one setting on this tool, so don’t expect any variable wind speed functionality or anything like that. Not to knock this product by any means, though. It’s just perfect for those who live in a suburban area or a housing community.

Your porches, walkways, and sidewalks will forever and easily stay clean and clear if you regularly use this small, capable piece of yard equipment. This just isn’t a contractor’s or a professional level tool.

This is meant for homeowners and residential use for sure. That said, it’s great for those uses and doesn’t claim to be anything that it’s not – you’re getting what’s on the box with this one.

If you’re just looking for a blower to clean off the paved and wooden areas around your place, then this is probably the tool for you and there’s really no need to spring for anything more expensive – this is simply the right tool for that kind of job.

Pleasingly, for those who do decide that this tool is a good fit, it has a ergonomic, thoughtfully crafted, and light design that makes its use feel almost no more difficult than sweeping pavement manually.

There’s definitely a great value for your money here.

  • Lightweight.
  • An unbeatable price.
  • Quality brand name that's trustworthy.
  • Great for sidewalks, porches, patios, etc.

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