DEWALT DWBL700 Leaf Blower Review

There’s almost no arguing that Dewalt is a quality brand name. The company has been producing household and commercial tools since its founding in 1924 and has built a pretty decent reputation for themselves, along with having carved out a decently sized corner of the market for their products.

This electric leaf blower is one of their most recent forays into non-gas powered yard tools and is no exception to their standard of performance. This tool was designed for both household and contractor use and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Like many of the higher dollar options on the market, the Dewalt DWBL700 runs and operates on a respectable 12 amps, giving it more than enough juice to get most of the jobs that might ever face it done.

This much power makes this electric as capable as a lot of its other gas-powered alternatives. The capability to draw 12 amps from an outdoor wall socket allows this tool to output up to 145 mph worth of wind speed over a wide area when its clicked into its most basic configuration where its standard round nozzles is attached.

145 mph is actually less than a few other high end machines that you can find, but you can increase this speed to a respectable 189 mph by simply clicking in this tool’s included flat concentrator nozzle.

It’s important to take into account that the base round nozzle output against s a very, very large volume of space – making 189 mph quite impressive and effective. With the round nozzle, you should be able to combat and surmount even the largest of jobs in a much smaller amount of time than you’d otherwise be able to do with a rake or similar blower.

And if you ever do find yourself needing the more direct, and less widely distributed, flow of air that many other more residential blowers offer, then clicking in the tool’s flat concentrator nozzle requires no equipment other than your hands and should allow this machine to operate on an entirely different level that it does when keyed into its base configuration.

Just keep in mind that the flat concentrator nozzle is going to cause a whole lot of pressure to be running out of the end of this tool, so just be wary of that fact if you’re not able to handle a stronger machine. Still, if you’re willing to or ever need to use the concentrator nozzle then its capabilities will almost certainly be powerful and noticeable and will definitely not disappoint.

The round and flat concentrator attachments are not the only nozzles that this piece of lawn equipment comes with, though. Anyone whose ever worked outdoors or on a large, expansive, or bumpy property knows that sometimes leaves and debris are going to fall into holes, crevices, nooks, or just under something else, and that this can be a real and annoying pain to deal with.

When a leaf or a piece of grass is stuck up in a tight space, sometimes your normal lead blower configurations will only push stuck objects into an even harder to reach position.

This blower comes with a one inch concentrator nozzle in addition to the wider, more utilitarian, and less specialized flat concentrator nozzle that was mentioned above. This accessory will concentrate the startling power of the DWBL700 into the toughest of spaces, freeing even the most stubborn of stuck debris. The  DWBL700 is definitely a powerful tool and is something that’s going to require a bit more care and planning to use than some other blowers.

Firstly, one should know that this is pretty loud for an electric tool. What does this mean for you? Well, we’d suggest that you wear some protective ear muffs, whether you have sensitive ears or not – you’re probably not going to suffer any hearing damage, but cumulative loss is a real thing when it comes to doing your own yard work and can occur over the years and a little extra safety can never be a bad thing.

The next thing to keep in mind when using this blower is that it requires a good bit of power.

12 amps can only be transferred through certain types and lengths of extension cords and if you use the wrong one then you’re going to be shorting yourself when it comes to the  DWBL700’s effectiveness – if you don’t power it properly, then this machine just won’t be able to produce as much wind speed as it rightly should and is definitely capable of outputting.

A longer, 14 gauge extension cord should work for you if you need to stretch this machine across your entire yard. The manual of this blower also states that a 16 gauge cord will also word perfectly fine with this product, just as long as the cord in question is no longer than fifty feet in length.

As long as you follow the manufacturer’s directions and equip yourself well enough to ensure your own safety, then the Dewalt DWBL700 is an excellent tool for a wide variety of jobs.

The blanket and quick blowing of leaves is where this heavy-duty tool shines for sure, however, but it can also handle light snow fall, and – with its attachments – it can also provide pinpoint accuracy and effectiveness.

Despite being designed for mainly commercial markets and contractor use, this tool is a premium powerful and adaptable choice that would be a great addition to anyone’s tool shed.

If you have a big yard, then the DWBL700 would likely be a dream tool for you. If your yard is a bit smaller, then perhaps you might want to spring for one of the more residential, lower power, and less noisy blowers that are out there – unless you really don’t mind going in for overkill or annoying your neighbors with sound pollution.No matter your decision, though, this tool is no doubt worth your money for what you’d be paying for it.

  • Extremely powerful.
  • Adaptable functionality.
  • Commercial level of power

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