BLACK+DECKER BV5600 Vac/Blower/Mulcher Review

Considering the name brand and power of the Black & Decker BV5600, one would probably be shocked by its usual, retail price point. This machine goes for a price that’s comparable to many blowers with half the value – and these are products that also don’t have the household name of Black & Decker emblazoned on their body and in their name. But is this a deal that’s too good to be true?

The product page and user manual of this product certainly promises a lot for a piece of yard equipment that regularly sells for below sixty dollars – or at lease we can certainly see how it might seem that way from first glance.

For the most part, you should know that you really have nothing to worry about. Most of the Black & Decker  BV5600 that you buy from a reputable outlet, retailer, or store will be covered by up to a two year warranty by the manufacturer. From what we can tell, there’s no money-back-guarantee or refund policy associated with this specific product’s warranty, however, so expect to have to at least dedicate yourself to sticking with this product for a bit – at the very least, though, you’ll know that you can either have your machine repaired or replaced by contacting Black & Decker.

But what about the machine itself, though? Just what does it offer and how solid of an investment is it? For example, how well does it match up to some of the more expensive – and even less expensive – blowers out there on the market today?

The first thing that puts this piece of yard equipment above others in its class is its two-speed variable modes. Having variable speed functionality in a blower is always a good sign that it’s been designed with a capability to tackle any and all jobs in mind – and that’s something that you want to look for in a tool like this for sure.

The speeds that this tool can be cycled through are 180 and 230 mph, respectively. The lower setting should allow for a more controlled pushing around of debris and would be perfect for the clearing off of sidewalks or patios. The 230 mph mode is definitely going to be a bit more wild with how it flings leaves and twigs, but we’re almost positive that it’s something you’ll come to love if you’re the type of buyer that needs to be able to work with leaves that have fallen on grass or turf.

All in all, the air mph of this tool is pretty uniform and feels to be just about dead-on when its powered with the correct gauge and length of extension cord and a compatible outlet. This product is going to be a good fit for most people and most uses thanks to the adaptability that including a two-speed function in its design has given it.

Arguably, the BV5600 would be well worth its price point even if its capabilities stopped with what’s already been mentioned. Luckily for prospective buyers, and those in need of a tool such as this, the product also offer a few other auxiliary functions that we can really appreciate in any electric blower.

Along with its respectable and variable power, this model also offers a vacuuming functionality. Included with your purchase of the BV5600 there should also be a vacuum hose that is wider than this product’s blowing hose. No tools are required to interchange these two hoses and switching them is a relatively painless process.

The vacuuming function that’s included with this electric leaf blower is also aided by a shredder that’s built into the frame of this machine. There is a 10:1 ratio on this impeller, meaning that anything you run through it should be reduced in volume by a factor of ten; 100 gallons will become 10 gallons, 10 will become 1, etc.

The BV3600’s ability to pick up debris is also fairly strong. With a 12-amp motor powering the process, this product can definitely clean up most yard jobs. Black & Decker also boasts that the impeller that they designed for this blower is clog-resistant.

We would like to point out that the impeller, no matter what the manufacturer claims, is not made of metal and is actually of a plastic construction – something that perhaps should be expected from a good that is on the lower end of the price spectrum. However, from all the consumer reviews that we could source and track down, most people that talked about the plastic impeller – even those who were also concerned that it was not made of any kind of metal – found that it held up to not only leaves but also twigs and other small debris.

We’d recommend that you not run anything other than leaves through the shredding process of this blower, at the end of the day though. Leaves aren’t very voluminousness or dense, though, so we don’t think you’ll have any problems using this product’s shredder just as long as you only do so in a capacity that it was specifically designed for – which is, of course, only the shredding of leaves.

Everything considered, this is a good product that delivers on everything that it offers and advertises. You’re probably not going to get a cheaper, 12 amp electric leaf blower, with shredding and vacuum functionality anywhere for a better price or that’s made by a brand with a better reputation than Black & Decker.

This is a good buy as long as you’re on the hunt for and need a versatile consumer-grade product that can handle both residential jobs and projects that spill out over a larger acreage. And if you’re on a budget, and still need all of that, then this might very well just be the very best option that you can find.

  • Quick and easy conversions to vacuum and shredding functions.
  • Powerful air flow.
  • Impressive shredding ratio.

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