WORX WG719 13 Amp Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower Review

Another quality Worx machine here. This mower is as light as any electric mower and very comfortable to push around thanks to its padded handle. This corded tool runs off of 13 amps, so it should have enough power to tackle most suburban and semi-rural yards, as long as they’re decently maintained.

The real draw for this product, though, is its unique wheel-design. This electric mower utilizes a pair of caster-type wheels at its front, allowing it to essentially just turn on a dime whenever its operator desires. This innovative set up makes this mower a lot more mobile and agile than its competitors. It’s simply a breeze to push around this mower.

The only drawback with the wheel-design is that it causes one to have to adjust each of the front wheels individually when adjusting the deck level; although, everything is clearly marked on the wheels to avoid any confusion.

Even with the added work when changing its deck’s level, this mower’s maneuverability can make uneven or cramped lawns a real joy and relief to mow. This piece of yard equipment doesn’t do anything that any other electric mower can’t do, but it does do turning a lot better than others.

As an added happy bonus, once you’re done with your day’s work, the Worx WG719 folds up for easy storage. This electric mower isn’t quite as compact when stored as a few of the other tools on this list, but it tries to make storage easier on its owner and it does succeed to an appreciable extent.

  • Superior maneuverability to almost all other models.
  • Decent Storability

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