WORX 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower Review

Now here’s an attractive and appealing looking piece of equipment. The exterior of this device looks great and doesn’t really leave much to be desired. But well all know that we don’t mow the grass to look good; most of us do it to get a job done and to get on with our day.

Not to say that mowing the grass can’t be enjoyable, but generally that can only be true if you have tools that not only work but that work well. So, how does the Worx WG775 compare to other mowers then? Well, that’s a bit of a mix bagged.

You definitely get more power and capability out of this medium-sized mower, without having a heavy machine at all — it only ways about as much as a large, small dog. This electric lawn tool runs on a twenty-four volt, rechargeable battery and will net you about 6,000 feet worth of lawn cutting. That’s about an ⅛ of an acre so keep that in mind.

Its limited battery life aside, however, the WG775 is a little bit better with cutting medium sized and wet grass than most other electric lawn mowers.

For a medium sized lot of land or a suburban yard, this tool is absolutely perfect. It also boasts a debris catch bag, a changeable deck level, and a mulching capability to keep your lawn nice and healthy all through the summer.

It’s important to note that some customers have had a hard time with this mower’s battery fizzling out after a couple months of use, so it’s best to keep that mind when you’re dealing with this product’s power source.

If you want to lengthen the lifespan of your battery pack, then follow this tool’s owner’s manual and recharge the battery after every use. If you really want to stack the odds in your favor and to get your money’s worth, perhaps also consider keeping the battery pack indoors and out of the heat.

  • A little more capable than other mowers.
  • Attractive design.

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