Sun Joe MJ401E 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower Review

This little machine has a clean and minimalistic appearance, but it also packs a lot of value into your purchase. For under a hundred dollars, you really couldn’t expect a more versatile or solid machine. The MJ401E boasts a competitive 12 amp motor upon its 14 inch deck.

This amount of power makes this a perfect maintenance tool for your yard; just keep in mind that this Sun Joe will have a bit of problem with overly rocky terrain or completely out of control yards. To be honest, this machine has an almost toy-like appearance upon first glance, but it’s actually much sturdier than you might think.

It’s also very easy to operate, providing you pair it with the correct extension cord. All one has to do to crank this humble and amazingly priced machine up is to plug it into the wall and press a wonderfully small, charismatic little button on its push handle. The price of this product seems to really more reflect its mostly plastic construction.

Sun Joe, the producing company for this machine, seems to have spent most of the production cost of this machine on its engine and electronics. Because of that, well, this electric lawn mower might not be the prettiest machine around, but it does run competitively with a lot of other much more expensive products on the market.

We wouldn’t advise you to worry too much about this machine’s frame, however, as it appears to be just flexible enough to withstand most light and moderate abuse. Just remember that you’ll be probably be better served by keeping your yard regularly cut and kept up, if you want to really get the most time and value out of this product.

  • Good motor for cheap price.
  • Easy to use.
  • Very affordable.

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