Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chainsaw Review


Typically, when searching for a new yard tool our first instinct is to go with the established brands—the ones our parents and grandparents raised us on, the ones who have their longevity and trusted name branded into our genetic code. But every now and then, a new player jumps into the sandbox with some cool features and new technology, and then we can’t help ourselves—our natural curiosity kicks in and we gotta try it out.

So we decided to review the Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw, made by Snow Joe LLC, a manufacturer of outdoor tools, established in 2004. We were not disappointed.


Definitely a saw made for the big kids, the Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw sports a powerful 14-amp motor that is easy to start with a push of a button. The whopping 18-inch bar allows plenty of strength to dominate those thick limbs, logs, firewood, and branches, and loves the bigger jobs but performs just as well for smaller clean up.

The most surprising fact about this powerhouse of a saw is, although it looks heavy and commanding, it is actually light and very easy to handle at just 9.7 pounds – which means you don’t have to be Paul Bunyon to operate this machine. In addition, this chainsaw comes with an adjustable ergonomic handle. which works together to make this an ideal saw for maximizing comfort and minimizing fatigue through those longer, harder jobs.

When purchasing a chainsaw, keep in mind that experiencing kickback is one of the most common causes of serious chainsaw injuries. Kickback will occur when the moving chain at the nose or tip of the guide bar comes in contact with an object, or when the wood closes in at the cut and pinches the chain, that results in a sudden reverse reaction, kicking the guide bar up and right back to the user.

Be sure that the unit which you are using can reduce chainsaw kickback. The Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw has a kickback brake, which minimizes the severity of reactive force and provides a safer way to saw. This chainsaw has an instant push-button start that means it is easy to just push and start cutting.

The automatic chain lubrication system produces oil on demand to the bar and chain to ensure durability and extend the life of the chain, while providing the correct lubrication that ensures the best cutting performance without all the hassle. There’s a hand guard and a safety switch that prevents accidental starting.

Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw also includes a tool-less chain adjustment system that means that this saw will provide powerful cutting with fast, efficient cuts. This saw has kept the typical homeowner in mind by providing many of the higher-end bells and whistles of a performance-based chainsaw, but constructed this in a lighter version with comfort, style, and safety in mind.

We liked the fact that this saw does not skimp on the most important qualities and consumer requirements, but made this to conform and appeal to anyone, regardless of their level of experience. With a very well constructed, solid feel, this saw is of good design and high-quality, that provides a great fit for those more experienced saw masters, but still lightweight and safe enough for beginners as well.

We would advise that when operating this chainsaw (or any chainsaw), please always bear in mind that safety comes first. Wear proper head gear like a hard hat and protective eye gear. Your hands should always stay protected with gloves or mitts. This can protect you from chainsaw cuts, and will reduce the vibration of the chainsaw on your hands while handling the saw. Also, even if it is hot outside, wear long pants – preferably heavier trousers. These will protect your legs from flying debris. Good, sturdy shoes or boots are essential as well.

Good for the Environment

Because it is electric and not gas-powered, the Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric ChainSaw is eco-friendly, meaning there are no toxic hydrocarbon emissions and no messy oil and gas mixing. When we compare these to gas-powered chain saws, the electric saws have minimal operating costs and are much better for the environment.

Gasoline powered chainsaws also carries a higher risk of danger because you are dealing with the task of mixing two volatile fuels together.

Keeping those safety issues in mind will ensure a smoother, safer experience when running an electric chainsaw, or any type of saw. Snow Joe has been very mindful of providing essential safety features to its SWJ701E saw, and has received many great reviews of its product over the years as it continues to provide quality outdoor tools and stellar support.

Why We Liked It

We liked the fact that the Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric ChainSaw does not skimp on the most important qualities and consumer requirements, but constructed a high-quality saw that conforms to anyone – male or female, experienced or rookie, with a saw that gets the job done, no matter the size. Snow Joe has outdone itself and has proven to be a reputable player in the game of chainsaws.


Backed by a Manufacurer’s 2-Year Full Warranty, the Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw is a durable workhorse that will not disappoint. With its 18-inch bar and reduced kickback, you know you will be able to saw with complete confidence. The lightweight motor and easy grip makes this chainsaw ideal for any grown-up. And at a very reasonable price, this saw is worth every bit of its value in performance.

  • Powerful
  • Auto tool-less chain tension
  • Auto oiler
  • Delivers great value for price
  • Lightweight

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