Remington RM1425 Electric Chainsaw Review


This compact model is perfect for all your small projects or trimming. Made by Remington, the name Limb N Trim says it all. It has covered all the main bases with a compact, lightweight design, a smart, push button oiling system, and external chain tension adjusting, and made up of rugged construction with many other features that are user-friendly for just about anyone.

This 14-inch lightweight chainsaw is considered small, but don’t let the size fool you—this model packs a mighty punch and has earned our respect as one of our top ten favorite electric chainsaws for its durability and reliability with those smaller projects.


Fully assembled right out of the box, just add the chain oil, plug in, oil the chain, and you are good to go! This compact saw is ready to pack a punch to your project. Awakening with just a squeeze of the trigger, its electric motor roars as smaller branches and limbs do not stand a chance against this mighty little monster. At only 6.2 pounds, it weighs less than your lazy cat—but is probably a lot meaner, powering through your trees like cutting butter, confidently and unapologetic.

The well-built construction of this chainsaw includes a smart wraparound hand guard that keeps your hands away from debris while working. There’s a 14-inch low kickback bar which is small, but durable enough to handle residential limbing and arbor-related tasks around the yard or farm.

And the lightweight design makes it easy to cut those high branches without straining muscles or experiencing fatigue. A power-packed tool that is ideal for novices and those who really don’t want to break a sweat. It you’re looking to get a good biceps workout while sawing wood, you will need a much heavier saw. However, if your job requires some time, this saw makes it easy to perform enduring pruning and cutting tasks with less fatigue.

This chainsaw gives you a lot of control over your sawing experience and performance. The chain tension can be controlled with an external adjustment, keeping your chain at an ideal tension at all times. The push-button oiler produces lubrication on demand, letting you add just the right amount of oil to your chain.

There is a chain oil window used to check the oil level, this should be at least halfway up the window. This oil is housed in a small reservoir with a bulb on the cap, just push the bulb to oil the chain. The oil does tend to leak out during storage, but this is easily remedied by first draining out the oil before storing away. The reservoir is small, so this can be easily done.

Another nice feature about the Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim is that it is quiet during idling. No more annoying buzz in between cuts, which will not only make you a happier camper, but also those who have to live around you. As with all electrical chainsaws, the unit cord is short, so you will need an outdoor-approved extension cord to operate the saw.

A Brand You Can Trust

The Remington Limb N Trim chainsaw has many positive reviews, which bears its own testimony to a happy customer base. First-time saw users can take comfort in the fact that Remington provides a lot of helpful advice on all of their products, and on their website ( are several related tools and tips on topics such as How To Operate Your Pole Saw, Trees and Shrub Pruning, and more.

This is impressive by a company that goes the extra mile to truly show how much they care about their consumers’ safety and satisfaction.Because it is electric and not gas-powered, the Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim Electric Chainsaw is eco-friendly, meaning there are no bad emissions and no messy oil and gas mixing.

When compared to gas-powered chain saws, electric saws have minimal operating costs. As time and technology improves in the arena of chainsaws, we are seeing more and more eco-conscious consumers throw away their gas guzzling chainsaws and switch to electric or battery-powered models because not only are they more environmentally-friendly, they are much cheaper and cleaner to operate.

Why We Liked It

This little saw looks so innocent, but reveals its true power once you start working with it. The external chain tension adjuster and the push button oiler gave us full control and more confidence in completing our sawing projects, and the longer we used it, the more adaptable the saw became to the way we handled it. The light weight made it a breeze to plow through limbs and branches.


For all those smaller pruning and trimming needs, this saw is a durable little powerhouse that will not disappoint. With reliable control over the chain’s tension and oiler, you can saw with complete confidence. The light weight and easy handle makes this chainsaw ideal for novices or experienced users alike. Priced right, this saw is worth every bit of its value in performance.

The Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim chainsaw is a true testament to Remington’s high quality and reputation. It is apparent how much Remington believes in the overall safety of its consumers shown in their concise, detailed instruction manual included that outlines the components and operation in fullest detail.

It also includes a list of the most common replacement parts and their part numbers, which will inevitably save a lot of time and stress when it come time to find the right parts. Remington is a leading manufacturer of power tools and is known for reliability and durability in its products, and it backs its he Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim chainsaw with a two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Remington continues its stellar reputation to provide great service and a relative value-to-cost product that stands up to its reputation on delivering a great tool that remains well-received and enjoyed by consumers all over the world.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • External chain tension adjustment
  • 14-inch low kickback bar
  • Push-button oiler
  • Inexpensive

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