DEWALT 4AH Lithium Brushless Chainsaw Review


If you are looking for a chain saw that delivers all the performance of a gas saw, along with the convenience of being cordless, look no further—you have found a match made in heaven with this battery-powered DeWalt model that’s not only reliable and low-maintenance, but delivers smooth, clean cuts, a long chain life, and a tool-free tensioning system that allows for quick chain and bar adjustments without any  tools required.

In our review, we take a look at the DEWALT 4AH Lithium Brushless Chainsaw and talk about all of the features and benefits this particular saw offers in power, performance, ease of use, and why we have selected this as one of our top ten picks for electric chainsaws.


Whether your job is to fell some trees in the heavy woods, carve a statue, or just trim some wayward limbs, having a durable and reliable chainsaw is crucial to getting the job done fast and efficiently. As a battery-powered saw, the removable battery of this chainsaw is a nice feature that can be easily replaced or upgraded depending on your specific needs, making this saw portable for anywhere and provides the stamina and long-lasting endurance for any cutting project, large or small.

Why Brushless?

Brushless chainsaw technology means that the motor has no friction, so it decreases heat and increases efficiency. Being synchronous, this motor moves electronically instead of using brushes and a commutator. The brushless motors create a rotation that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, and this method eliminates the need for motor replacement due to worn-out brushes, reduced performance or decreased durability.

More and more, brushless motors are replacing brushed motors due to their better efficiency and higher operation speed. They can develop high torque and good responsive speed.

What it Features

The 16-inch Oregon bar and chain on the DeWalt 4 AH Lithium Brushless Chainsaw has a chain brake for kick-back protection that minimizes the effect of the chain raising up when in use. This unit also features automatic oiling with LubriLink and LubriWell that works to deliver smooth cuts, a long chain life, and reduced maintenance.

There is a variable speed trigger for user control, and it also includes a charger and bar sheath. The 40V MAX 4AH Lithium Ion Battery is long-lasting, with a charge that can last well into a full tree cutting. It uses the Oregon R56 chain, which can easily be found at Amazon, Lowe’s or Home Depot.

There is a convenient visible oil reservoir level line which saves the guesswork, and this also has a tool-free chain tensioning and bar tightening knob for proper bar clamping force. Accessing the bar/chain and the oil reservoir are well-designed and doesn’t require a lot of time or tools to access those areas.

Another notable feature about this chainsaw is how relatively quiet it is compared to other models—the Low Noise feature is nice for not disturbing your close neighbors. When the saw is set down between cuts, it automatically stops – which is nice because it saves on battery power until you are ready to use it again.

And, with the lightweight brushless motor, this unit weighs in at less than 13 pounds—so it is relatively lightweight, which is a great option for those users who aren’t packing huge guns, or, just don’t feel like hoisting a heavy saw for longer projects.

Having a battery-powered chainsaw means less maintenance than with gas-powered saws, and this unit has no pull cords – A simple pull of the trigger starts and stops the unit instantly, so there are no worries about having the saw idling in between cuts.

An Eco-Friendly Choice

Choosing a battery-powered saw is also an eco-friendly choice. Unlike gas powered chainsaws, there are none of those nasty emissions and no messy oil and gas mixing. This model also comes with the Lubrilink and Lubriwell for continuous lubrication that just makes life that much more convenient. When compared to other chain saws, a battery-powered saw such as the DEWALT Lithium Brushless Chainsaw has minimal operating costs.

We We Liked It

The lightweight portability of this unit, coupled with a freshly-charged lithium battery, provided ample freedom to port this anywhere. It’s overall endurance and sturdiness gave us the confidence that it would do the job, and the low-noise quality ensured us that the next-door neighbor could continue enjoying her well-deserved break as her baby slept soundly.

We love the brushless technology that means a longer, healthier motor life. As long as the battery remains charged, there are little to no worries in porting this saw to any job site, and it will perform well with just about any size job. Having a battery-powered cordless is a great convenience. No more tripping over cords, no more bad smells associated with gas-powered saws, no more trying to locate a gas station that sells ethanol-free gas.


The DeWalt 4AH Lithium Brushless Chainsaw is a great choice if you are searching for a long-lasting chainsaw that is completely portable, mess-free, and performs great for felling trees or lighter trim work, and is one of the quieter saws that is ideal if you reside in a neighborhood with close neighbors. The removable battery and lightweight base makes this saw easy to handle and operate.

DeWalt is a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools that is known for reliability and durability in its products, from chainsaws to drill bits. DeWalt stands behind its 4AH Lithium Brushless Chainsaw with a one-year free service and a 90-day money back guarantee.

The three-year limited manufacturer’s warranty is also available and can be requested from their customer service. With 77 service centers across the USA, DeWalt continues its stellar reputation to provide great service and a relative value-to-cost product that stands up to its reputation on delivering a great tool that remains well-received and enjoyed by consumers all over the world.



  • Brushless motor = longer life
  • Battery-powered
  • Cordless, fully portable
  • Low-noise
  • Lightweight

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