WEN 4208 8-Inch Drill Press Review

WEN’s 4208 Drill Press is a small and affordable, but powerful drill, capable of boring holes in wood, metal, plastics, and other materials, accurately and precisely. Despite that, this bench top model is small enough to be a perfect fit for those looking for something to bring along to job sites or move around their work area. The press stands at a manageable 2 foot height. Though it doesn’t have advanced extras such as work lights, laser, or a digital speed reader, this is a bare-bones machine and is the best drill press for getting down to business around the home.

At the heart of the press is a durable 1/3 horsepower induction motor with ball-bearings that make for a smooth operating experience and a long-lasting machine. Not only that, the drill is capable of running at five different pulley speeds, between 740 and 3140 RPM, and has a spindle taper that accepts bits up to ½ inch in diameter, which means more versatility between projects. For even more flexibility, the WEN 4208 comes equipped with a depth adjustment gauge so you can change the distance your spindle travels to suit your exact needs.

The 6 ½ by 6 ½, cast iron worktable on this machine is able to bevel up to 45 degrees, left and right, and is slotted to allow for mounting clasps and vises to hold your wood or other such material safely in place. For added safety, pre-drilled holes in the base make for easy mounting to your bench or whatever surface you’ll be working on. WEN’s drill also press boasts a with onboard key storage for holding onto your drill bits exactly where you are going to be using them. All in all, while other tools may feel more luxurious, the features on this press are all you really need.

  • ½ inch keyed chuck that gives you more options for drilling.
  • 6 ½ by 6 ½ worktable is capable of beveling up to 45 degrees left or right for angled drilling.
  • Key storage helps to keep track of drill bits and other small parts.

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