Shop Fox W1668 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Review

The Shop Fox W1668 is a compact bench-top drill that is cleverly built with efficiency and the ability to handle multiple aspects of your project in mind. Featuring an oscillating sander that can be used for contour sanding when the need arises, an incorporated clearance hole in the table, and a dust collection port for any sawdust or other debris that might jet out of the machine so that your wood working space will stay clean, this bench top drill press is more than just a drill.

That being said, drilling is, of course, this Shop Fox product’s primary function — it is still a drill press, after all — so we’ll get to that first. This machine is huge for bench top model and makes an excellent drill for bigger projects. It offers a ¾ HP, 110-Volt motor with 12 speed options between 250 and 3050 RPM. A 5/8 inch drill chuck makes for more drilling options as well.

You can tackle a variety of drill-based jobs on the W1668, especially for a bench model. The drill boasts a ¾ inch steel-drilling capacity, and a swing of 13 ¼ inches. The table, which is able to tilt 90 degrees left and right, can be easily adjusted for height and even removed altogether so that you can accommodate larger pieces of wood or whatever material you’re working with.

Now, for the sanding. The Shop Fox drill press’s sanding capabilities are quite impressive. The above mentioned dust collection and clearance hole are useful inclusions to help with the sanding you’ll be doing, but they are far from the most important ones. The W1668 can be converted into a sander within a matter of seconds with only a few tool-free steps. The 3-piece oscillating spindle sander drum is designed to reduce heat build-up during sanding so it leaves you with a smooth finish. Not bad for a drill!

  • Powerful ¾ HP, 110 volt motor capable of running 12 speeds between 250 and 3050 RPM.
  • The Shop Fox functions as an oscillating spindle sander and is equipped with features such as a dust collection port for keeping your shop clean from dust or debris that might jet out while sanding.
  • 13 inch swing and a table that can tilt 90 degrees left and right or be removed to fit your larger projects.

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