Grizzly G7943 12 Bench-Top Drill Press Review

Similar to the Shop Fox W1668, this is a heavy duty bench top drill that has capability far beyond its class. The Grizzly brings professional grade power and many of the same elements that come standard with more industrial drill presses to your home shop so that you can tackle the biggest jobs as they come up around your house.

Standing over 3 feet tall and weighing in at around 150 pounds, this is a large piece of machinery, especially for a bench top model. The G7943 offers a 14 inch swing and 3 ¼ inch spindle travel, so that ample size is not purely aesthetic.

Not only is it large, this Grizzly press is also highly adjustable – its table is capable of swinging a full 360 degrees and beveling 90 degrees left and right so you can easily fit your working material to the drill. Adjustable speeds also help this a more variable model. The spindle spin speed can be adjusted between 12 rates that fall in between 140 RPM to 3050. The Grizzly model also comes equipped with an integrated light that helps to provide maximum efficiency and accuracy in drilling holes.

If you want a heavy duty drill press to add to your collection of wood working tools, this is an excellent option for those looking a little beyond just a hobby.

  • 12 speed adjustable belt drive capable of running speeds between 140 and 3050 RPM
  • A heavy duty, durable body, a 14 inch swing, and 3 ¼ inch spindle travel mean this is one big powerful bench drill press.
  • Precision adjustable table that can swing a full 360 degrees and bevel up to 45 degrees, left and right.

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