PORTER-CABLE PCC740B 1/2″ Wireless Impact Wrench Review

If you often find yourself hard at work in the shop, you know that having the proper tools is essential to running a tight ship. If you want to be able to stay on top of your workload and produce top quality results, you’re going to need tools that you can rely on. That means having tools that are reliable, durable, and able to keep up with the heavy stress and high demands you’ll have to ask of it.

You need tools that will be able to work with you – not against you. Because wasting time trying to coax your tools into doing their job isn’t something you need to be doing.If you work in the automotive business or if you find that you spend a lot of time working on projects related to machinery and equipment having a cordless impact wrench on hand can make a world of difference.

You’ll be able to finish your jobs more quickly and efficiently thanks to their innovative design and ability to maximize the power they produce while using minimal effort. Regardless of your familiarity with using cordless impact wrenches, you’ll learn to appreciate the models that made our top 10 list even more.

All of them were made with excellent craftsmanship and clearly kept the needs of the operator in mind when crafting the design. If you’ve been looking for the ultimate power tool, look no further – the Porter-Cable PCC740B Cordless Impact Wrench will revolutionize the way you do work.

Porter-Cable PCC740B Cordless Impact Wrench

The Porter-Cable PCC740B Cordless Impact Wrench is a great tool for contractors and workers who need a reliable tool to get them through their high work demands. The device comes in a great design that helps to make it easier to work for prolonged periods of time and still maintain a good grip on the machine.

You’ll be able to get done an impressive amount of work without getting to tired or fatigued and also work more efficiently than you could with other tools.The  Porter-Cable PCC740B Cordless Impact Wrench is a powerful tool that will help you complete your workload faster than you ever thought possible.

The impressive motor is capable of generating up to 330 ft-lbs of torque for ultimate impact when you’re working to loosen even the most difficult or stubborn nuts and bolts. The  Porter-Cable PCC740B Cordless Impact Wrench can also produce up to 1,650 impacts per minute to help drive in your fasteners quickly.

The  Porter-Cable PCC740B Cordless Impact Wrench is an excellent addition to anyone’s tool collection, especially thanks to the full variable speed trigger that allows you to have precision control over everything you do and the ½ inch hog ring that allows you to complete socket changes quickly and efficiently.

  • Comes with a powerful motor that can generate up to 330 ft-lbs of torque
  • Can generate speeds of up to 1,650 impacts per minute
  • Comes with a ½ inch hog ring that makes for easier socket changes
  • Has a full variable speed trigger

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