Hitachi KC18DGL Review

Technical Specifications

The HItachi KC18DGL Cordless Lithium Ion Driver Drill is an impressive piece of equipment that will help you get your work done quickly and efficiently no matter what season it is. You’ll be able to do a record amount of work in a fraction of the time thanks to your increased mobility that comes with having a cordless model. The tool is incredibly powerful and ready to help you take on even the most difficult of challenges. You can’t go wrong with the HItachi KC18DGL Driver Drill – and here’s why.


The design of the HItachi KC18DGL Lithium Ion Driver Drill is impeccable. It combines simplicity and elegance with sheer torque and power output, making it one of the best products on the market you could use to take on your workload. The HItachi KC18DGL is a powerful tool that will help you to to finish your work accurately and effectively without overwhelming or overpowering you. The device is small and compact, weighing only 3 pounds, yet manages to be a top tier tool that won’t make you feel tired or fatigued early on in your work.


The HItachi KC18DGL uses only the most sturdy and durable materials to help you accomplish your work and helps keep you on track to have a successful work day. You’ll be able to do an impressive amount of work without having to pause and will be able to take your tool to the worksite without having to worry about it not being able to keep up with your high work demands.

The device is perfect for harsh work environments and will hold up just fine under any challenge you throw at it. The HItachi KC18DGL Lithium Ion Driver Drill is also powered by an impressive 18 volt lithium ion battery that will help you stay on track and keep up with your numerous projects.


The HItachi KC18DGL Cordless can be used by a variety of different people, but contractors who work with nuts and bolts on a regular basis would likely get the most use out of this impressive machine. The HItachi KC18DGL Driver Drill comes with two powerful 18 volt lithium ion batteries that will give you hours of power without fading out. They can power the drill to generate up to 400 inch/lbs of torque. The HItachi KC18DGL is also capable of reaching speeds of up to 1,500 rpm and will last for years to come.

Why We Liked It

The HItachi KC18DGL Cordless Driver Drill is a powerful machine that will help you get your job done in a fraction of the time your basic tool can. The tool is powerful, compact, and light in weight, making it one of the best of its kind when it comes to tackling demanding workloads and keeping up with strict deadlines. The HItachi KC18DGL Drill is powered by an impressive 18 volt battery that can generate an impressive amount of power.

The tool can generate up to 400 inch-lbs of torque with its regular battery and is on record for being able to produce up to 1,280 in-lbs of torque with its other battery. You’ll be able to work with efficiency that you never thought possible thanks to this incredible tool and stay on top of your game no matter what challenges come your way.

  • Comes with two 18 volt lithium ion batteries
  • Can generate up to 400 inch/lbs of torque with DS18DGL battery
  • Can generate 1,280 inch/lbs of torque with WH18DGL battery

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