Hitachi D13VF Corded Drill Review


Relatively new to the market, Hitachi Power Tools (now Hitachi Koki U.S.A., Ltd.) was created in 1980 to marketing the line of tools in the United States, and today continues its dedication to product research and development, celebrating countless improvement in power tool technology, producing lighter, faster, and more durable tools for both professional and homeowner consumers. This impressive record has led us to review the Hitachi D13VF Corded Drill in which we have listed in our top ten best corded drills.


Presenting a compact, lightweight design, this corded Hitachi D13VF 1/2-Inch 9-Amp Drill is smartly designed with an electronic variable speed control trigger that is easily operated by using two fingers. There is a large reversing switch that is conveniently located and also includes a lock-on button to prevent accidental reverse switching. There is also an electric brake, a very nice feature that you don’t see much with corded drills.


The gear system has a maximum no-load speed of 850 RPM and a maximum torque of 416-3/5 inch-pounds, and it is engineered to make the drill perform well for wood or metal fabrication, drilling pilot holes for deck or framing construction, and many other applications that require an extended run-time of a corded drill. The double gear reduction produces a higher torque while reducing gear strain. For the tougher jobs, this little powerhouse provides high-performance for plenty of power.


This corded Hitachi D13VF drill has an ergonomic form-fitted palm grip handle that is designed for optimum comfort and control, reducing fatigue with minimal vibration. The contractor-grade cast aluminum gear housing adds durability and efficiently dispels heat, maintaining a cooler unit in operation.


Included is a belt hook for securing the drill which is a nice feature to have, especially when working in high places where there is no place to set down the drill. And for those hard-to-reach areas and tight corners, this drill comes with an optional angle attachment.

The Hitachi D13VF corded drill looks hefty, but is a lightweight unit at only 4-3/5 pounds and is refreshingly easy to hold, maneuver and store. The easy-to-use reversing switch adds to the convenience of this drill, and it also includes a removable side handle for increased operator comfort and control, an industrial-sized 1/2-inch chuck, and a chuck key.

Corded or Battery?

When choosing a power drill, there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider with either platform. However, for the sake of this review, not only is a corded drill generally more durable and built to handle those larger jobs, having a cord also means never having to worry about charging a battery – just plug in and go. From wood, to masonry, to metal, a corded drill can power through about anything that is set in its path. When you’re done with the project and ready to pack up, there is a durable injection-molded plastic carrying case to help protect your corded drill.

Hitachi continues to build aggressively into the future by developing new technologies that aid in the longevity and performance of the Hitachi power tool line. All power tools are inspected carefully before they leave the factories to ensure the highest quality for customers. Hitachi backs this D13VF corded drill with a one-year limited warranty.

Why We Liked It

This Hitachi drill packed a powerful punch during our test drive, and seemed to live up to all its hype. Reviewed as one of the best corded drills on the market, it is no surprise. It has high-power and great reliability with its performance, and the electronic brake is a nice feature to have, especially at higher speeds.


Consider buying this Hitachi corded drill if you are searching for the right balance of power, durability, and convenience. Easy to control, comfortable to handle without fatigue, and powerful enough to push through a variety of materials like a breeze, this drill has received a fair share of consumer praise, and rightfully so. Hitachi continues to deliver high-value at a great price with all their power tools.

  • Powerful
  • Electronic brake
  • Optional angle attachment
  • Lightweight

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