DEWALT DWD210G Pistol-Grip Drill Review


When considering buying a corded drill, there are several areas to consider in selecting the best option. Corded drills have been around for a while and have seen many improvements over the years. Today, the competition is tight with many high-quality, high-performance drills. In this review, we take a look at the DEWALT DWD210G  Pistol-Grip Corded Drill and take a closer look at its performance, handling ease, and durability, and what makes this model shine as one of our top ten corded drills.


Packed with a whopping 10 amp motor, this corded drill is made to handle whatever is thrown at it with increased power and performance. The patented DeWalt built motor is designed to generate 50% more power than a standard motor of the same size, and has an increased overload protection—adding more durability to every drilling operation. This Dewalt DWD210G corded drill provides consistency with its smooth, 0-1200 rpm variable speed reversing trigger, allowing you to drill with more precision.

More Versatility

The DWD210G shows its powerful, versatile side by performing well with both steel and wood applications. This corded power drill offers a 1-1/2-inch capacity when working with an auger bit or spade in wood, and handles 2-9/16 inches well when using a self-feed unit. When working with steel applications, this drill handles a 1/2-inch twist bit, and offers a 3-5/8-inch capacity with wood and a 2-inch dimension for metals.

As versatile as it is powerful, the DWD210G functions well for both steel and wood applications. When working with a spade or auger bit in wood, it offers a 1-1/2-inch capacity, and it can handle a capacity of 2-9/16 inches when used with a self-feed unit. The drill can also handle a 1/2-inch twist bit when working with steel. When used with a hole saw, the drill offers a 3-5/8-inch capacity in wood and a 2-inch position in steel. The keyed 1/2-inch chuck grips the bit securely to prevent slippage, and a metal gear housing provides added durability.

Greater Comfort and Control

This corded drill sports a soft, pistol-grip handle and a two-finger rubber trigger for increased comfort and greater control over projects. There is also a 360-degree locking side handle with a soft grip, with hand-positioning options for better user comfort that also provides extra control and versatility, plus a metal gear housing for increased reliability and peace of mind at the job site. Weighing in at just under 5 pounds, this lightweight power tool is nice to handle for more intense projects and helps reduce that long-term fatigue.

Powerful and rugged, this corded drill is ready to accept the challenge of any job with any material, large or small. Being corded means never having to worry about charging a battery, just plug in and go. From wood, to masonry, to metal, this drill will push through just about anything that is set in its path. Since 1922, DeWalt has been a household name in power tools that delivers, and every product is driven by performance, ease of use or productivity. DeWalt backs this DWD112 corded drill with a limited, three-year warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee, and one-year free service support.

Why We Liked It

For those more challenging projects, this bad boy performs well and pushes through like a boss with its 10-amp motor. We loved the extra added control and sturdiness provided by the side handle, which made it nice with our tougher jobs like drilling through thick metal. This corded drill handled very well with mixing grout, it stayed cool and concise throughout the project.


Homeowners and contractors alike will appreciate this DEWALT DWD210G  Pistol-Grip corded drill for its power and solid durability. This is a well-built machine that is built to handle a variety of different projects with accuracy and control. The extra amp power delivers clean holes through a variety of materials, and the soft grip and side handle provides ample support and comfort in handling longer projects. the variable speed reversing trigger allows for greater accuracy with each drill. For great performance, accuracy, and power, you will love what this DeWalt power tool offers. And from a name like DeWalt, you wouldn’t expect anything less.

  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable grip and side handle
  • Lightweight

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