A drill is one of those must-haves for anyone, whether you are doing projects around the house, or run a carpentry business. This power tool is an extremely versatile machine that can help in a multitude of ways. However, the number of corded and battery powered drills on the market is abundant, and when searching for even a corded drill, it can be very difficult to choose the best one to fit your needs.

In our reviews, we have boiled down these drills based on the best performance, durability, and value. In this review, we talk about the Black and Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC drill/driver and why we have selected this apart from the rest as one of our top ten corded drills on the market.


With a compact, lightweight design, this corded BDEDMT Matrix AC drill/driver is featured as best-in-class in speed and torque, and smartly designed to allow for tool-free changing of a variety of tool attachments and has a powerful, robust 4.0 amp motor that can handle a full range of applications and attachments.

The more compact size of this drill means it will operate at a much cooler temperature, which is nice if you need to hold it for longer periods of time, and allows the user to easily carry out their drilling tasks in more confined spaces. This drill features an 11-position clutch to further reduce the risk of stripping or overdriving screws, which adds an extra level of control.


The Matrix Quick Connect system this drill sports allows for the easy changing of attachments, and there are a lot of attachments available, so this tool can transform into just about anything – tool-wise, that is – so you can drill, cut, sand, and more. The granular control of the variable speed switch offers more precision and accuracy when doing concentrated drill work.

Having variable speed also allows this drill to push through any situation with more precision – slower speeds for boring through metal, or faster speeds when drilling holes through wood or other surfaces. This corded drill also enables better ability and performance when working at angles – which in itself is a big advantage over many power drills.


This corded drill itself is relatively light, and along with the ergonomic design it is easy to handle, which aids in easing fatigue.


This BDEDMT Matrix AC drill/driver also comes with a 10-piece Drill Bit Set that contains the most popular selection of drill bits, in sizes 1/16-inch to 1/4-inch. This Drill Bit Set also includes a convenient bit bar that allows for easy storage in any toolbox, pocket, or drawer.

The reviews of the Black and Decker corded BDEDMT Matrix AC drill/driver have been overwhelmingly positive. Customers like this drill’s multitasking ability with quick changing of attachments, better angle efficiency, and the overall great value for the price. People seem to love the convenience of having an all-in-one corded drill that has been coined the “Swiss Army Knife” of power drills.

Since 1910, Black and Decker has been well known as a trusted household name in industrial power tools and has earned its reputation for quality, ingenuity, and value. Backed by a 2-year Warranty with a 30-day money back guarantee, it is obvious that Black and Decker knows their corded drills and stands behind their product with pride.

Why We Liked It

The most impressive quality about this corded drill is the fact that it is so easily interchangeable, like a “Transformer” of drills, if you will. Besides being so versatile and powerful and the compact, easy handling, we were also amazed at all the control we had when drilling at an angle – this corded drill maintained its composure through the whole process, and produced a beautiful job in tighter spaces.


The Matrix drill serves its purpose well by including many different attachments with fast attachment changing, speed adjustment, and a smart, ergonomic design. This corded drill is sturdy, powerful, and compact, and a quality choice for homeowners that provides a great value, while saving money and space.

  • Compact
  • Variable speed control
  • Great angle efficiency
  • Easy attachment interchanging

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