WORX WORXSAW Compact Saw Review


Compact saws like the Worx Worxsaw Compact Circular Saw are Light weight min saws which employ a flat, round blade to cut a wide variety of material. They are generally electric or cord powered but a few are cordless. These mini saws perform well on materials such as metal, plastic wood and some even stone.

They are specially designed for one handed use and can have either left or right hand sided blades. Vibration dampening technology makes them a pleasure to use for longer without straining your wrists. Basically these small saws measure up quite well to their larger counterparts when it comes to features, affordability and comfort.

Technical Specs

According to customer reviews, this is one the best compact circular saws in its price class. This saw is half the weight of a traditional 7-1/4 inch, measuring only 4-1/2 inches and weighing only 5.3lbs.It stands at 15.1 x 4.2 x 5.8 inches which combined with its weight makes for a very compact mini saw.

It is rated as the best compact circular saw for 2018 although some users did recommend purchasing a larger saw for medium cutting jobs. One of its features is an easy to set depth gauge which enables the user to adjust the cutting angle for up to 45 degrees. Another great feature is the bare tool feature which means that the tool is cordless which eliminates the chances of a cord pull out.


The saw is designed with a left hand sided blade which provides a great view of the cut line. A safety trigger is integrated into the ergonomically designed handle. The handle is specifically designed for better grip which in turn allows the user more control and confidence when using the saw.

A thinner blade means less strain on the tool itself while maintaining full cutting speed and performance. This mini saw is able to cut 2×4’s in just a single pass and is ac powered. The vibration dampening feature will allow the user to use the tool for longer periods of time without causing strain to the joints and also allows for a more confident grip on the tool.


Black in color and made from durable heavy duty ABS, steel and plastic which makes it sturdy enough for the construction site as well as around the home. It is small enough to be stored easily or transported without any hassles.  This tool is so compact and easy to use that even women will enjoy making use of it for any craft or diy projects.

The easy to grip rubber handle gives the user total confidence along with the fact that the cut line remains in full view at all times because the saw blade is left sided. The recommended voltage for use is 220 volt and it is not recommended to use a higher or lower voltage power source as this might cause damage to your tool in the long run.


Small and compact which makes it a great tool for in and around the home.  Easy to handle which makes it great for use over an extended period without causing strain?  It is able to cut through a wide variety of material including metal, plastic and wood.  One consumer stated that he even used it to cut through concrete. He did however use a diamond tipped blade and the saw ha to cool down after use but it was a job well done none the less.

Other Important Specs

This saw comes standard with 24T carbide tipped blade as well as a parallel guide which aids in straight cuts every time.  It also has a vacuum adapter which helps to diminish dust and allow for maximum visibility of the cut line at all times. The vacuum port also minimizes any mess when working indoors. The safety trigger is right under your fingertip which makes it very easy to reach in an emergency.

Why We Liked It

WE get the general feeling that this saw does the job and does it well. Reviews show that this is indeed a very accurate saw with easy depth of cut adjustment. The vaccum port makes working indoors a pleasure by minimizing clean up. This saw does manage to get general jobs done but if you need to make more medium depth cuts then we recommend shopping for a slightly bigger saw than this one.  Here are a few top features for the Worx Worxsaw Compact Circular Saw.


  • Parallel guide for accuracy
  • Vacuum port for easy clean up
  • Safety trigger feature
  • Cordless

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