Rockwell RK3440K Compact Circular Saw Review


The Rockwell RK3440K Compact Circular Saw is a unique cutting tool which easily cuts through a variety of masonry materials such as tile, cement marble and concrete. Its small size makes it easy to handle and control. This mini saw utilizes a spring-loaded base plate which doubles as a blade guard. Can also be used on thin or delicate sheet material such as veneers, particle board or plywood. This is the best circular saw for small precision circular cuts in very much any material you can think of.

Technical Specs

This versatile circular saw is very handy for applications where a regular sized circular saw might prove too large. It has a maximum cutting depth of 1-1/6 inches and comes equipped with a laser cutting edge guide to ensure a straight and accurate cut every time. The laser can be switched on and off using a single switch and is powered by separate batteries and not from the AC power source.

The base plate has a spring loaded blade guard and an adjustable depth gauge. The safety trigger switch allows for safe use and a vacuum port aids in dust collection. This saw has a 4-amp 120-volt motor with a no load speed of 3500 RPM.  It has 3-3/8 inch blades which can be used to cut wood, thin sheet steel or PVC pipes.


This mini saw is designed for applications where a larger or regular saw might prove ill equipped. The base plate has a safety trigger switch which allows the motor to start after it has been triggered. The user will push down on the base plate so as to expose the bottom edge of the blade and then continue to cut the material as needed. After the cut has been completed, the base plate extends downward to safely cover the blade so that the operator cannot accidentally come into contact with the blades.

The saw has an adjustable depth gauge which can be adjusted to set the amount of movement in the plate which will determine the depth of the cut. Although smaller than a regular circular saw, this mini saw is designed to cut through a very wide variety of materials, making it a very handy addition to the tool box.


The inner and outer guard material is made from durable metal which protects and extends the products life span. Its ergonomic design boasts a slim grip handle which allows you to grip comfortably with one hand and guide with your other hand confidently.  It is streamlined, weighing only four pounds which makes it very light weight and easy to control. The plastic base is made from strong no mar plastic and the unit comes with its own carrying bag.  It is backed by a two year warranty.


This versatile little saw can go where no other saw can. It can be used to make perfect rip and plunge cuts or any other quick around the house DIY projects. You don’t need to drag out the regular heavy or bulky circular saw if you have this small multi functional tool on hand. Use it to cut wood, plastic or even sheet metal as well as many other materials you might use for masonry jobs. You can confidently slice through materials thicker than 1 inch thanks to its slim design and safety lock-off switch which prevents the machine from starting accidentally.

Other Important Specs

The Rockwell RK3440K is the best circular saw for diy jobs because it has three different blade selections, allowing you to cut through a variety of materials just by changing blades. The 24Tcarbide tipped blade is used for wood while the 44T HSS blade is used for cutting aluminum, sheet metal and PVC plastic.

For cement board and ceramic tile you would use the diamond blade attachment. These three blades give you the freedom to take on any project without changing tools. Extra features include a vacuum adaptor which allows for better visual on cut lines and a laser guide to make sure your cuts are always in line.

Why We Liked It

Satisfied customer reviews show that this is the ideal tool for small to medium sized diy jobs and home renovation projections. It is durable and versatile while still being easy and lightweight enough to handle without risking any clumsy accidents.  Here are our favorite features:


  • Lock-off safety switch
  • 3 blades and depth adjustment lever
  • Rear motor design for comfortable use
  • Exclusive Laser Guide Technology for precision cuts.
  • Dust extraction adapter to improve visibility

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