The DEWALT DWE575SB Circular Saw is not only light weight and low maintenance; it is one of the safest circular saws on the market.  This tool is the perfect tool for beginners looking to do some home renovation projects without having to pay an arm or leg. Don’t mistake its lighter weight for lesser quality as this is a very durable saw with an affordable price tag. Safety is a big feature with this mini saw and accuracy is easy with its larger viewing window in the shoe assembly.  This allows you to see more of the blade and where it is cutting without losing any much needed fingers.

Technical Specs

This mini saw weighs in at only 8.8 pounds and measuring 7.2inches in width, it really is one of the lightest saws in its class.  It boasts a 57 degree bevel capacity with 22.5 and 45 degree detents for use in a variety of applications. A 2 9/16 inch depth of cut which is one of best cutting depths in its class and a built in dust blower to keep your path clear while cutting. The blade rotates at a massive 5,100 RPM and has a power out- put of 1,950 Max Watts Out.


A patented tough cord protection system provides triple durability against cord pull-out while on boards wrench storage allows for quick and easy blade changes. Comes with a handy carry case make it easy to transport.  The electric brake feature allows the user to initiate faster repetitive cuts thanks to its ability to stop the blade after two to three seconds after the trigger is released.

This also provides the user with extra safety. Operating heavy power tools for a long period over an extended time can lead to fatigue and joint issues, not to mention bursitis which is extremely painful. Lighter and more ergonomically shaped tools mean that you can put in more hours with less strain and the anti vibration feature is a lot softer on the joints.


The shoe is made from high grade aluminum which provides a strong and durable design. This kit comes with a 7-1/4 inch circular saw blade and blade wrench for swopping or changing out blades. A full user manual guide and a sturdy material contractor’s bag. The device is yellow in color and has a soft rubber handle for easy grip with one hand leaving the other hand free to guide.


Since this tool was created to be amazingly light it is great for small over head jobs where you might need to use your arms above your head for extended periods. Its compact size and anti vibration feature makes it perfect for anyone with any physical limitations or that is unable to use a larger industrial circular saw. It is ideal for framing applications as well as general contracting or remodeling and even concrete forming.

Other Important Specs

The unit has a specially patented 15 amp motor and is surprisingly quiet for a circular saw tool. The high grade aluminum shoe provides smooth cuts and the unit comes with on board wrench storage for easy blade transfers. The saw has an 18 tooth blade which allows the user to slice through any material smoother and faster. This unit has a larger than usual window inside the aluminum shoe assembly which allows you a better view of the blade unlike other devices where the view is best directly above the saw blade.

Why We Liked It

This device seems to have been designed with every type of building job in mind. Professional tradesman as well as diy home renovators can both benefit equally from this versatile handheld tool. There are a lot of safety features in place which is good news considering its 18 tooth saw blade. Here are some reasons why this tool came out tops in the reviews:

  • Electric breaking feature
  • 18 tooth saw blade
  • Light weight and ergonomically shape
  • Integrated dust blower
  • Patented tough cord protection

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