Black & Decker BDECS300C Circular Saw Review


The Black & Decker BDECS300C Circular Saw is perfect for tackling the tough jobs. It is ideal for most cutting applications thanks to its 13 amp motor. The device has an added laser cut line device to assist the user in making precision cuts and the light weight design makes it easy and comfortable to use. This device is manufactured in the USA and comes with a limited two year warranty.  If you are shopping around for a circular saw that is tough on material yet easy to use then look no further because this device will suit all your needs including your pocket.

Technical Specs

With a total weight of 7 pounds, this circular is tough on material but easy on the joints. You will find that you can work for much longer when using a smaller handheld circular saw than if you were using its larger and more bulky counterparts. Its light weight design makes for more enhanced control over the tool and job at hand. A spindle lock makes changing blades quick, safe and easy while the bevel and depth adjustments are easy to use. The built in laser guide will ensure straight and accurate cuts every time.


Easy bevel adjustment design allows for highly accurate 0-45 degree angled cuts with a depth adjustment to 2.5 inches at a 90 degree angle. The spindle lock lets the user to safely alternate between blades, making sure they are fastened tightly in place. The blade is located on the right hand side of the tool and has a diameter of 7.25 inches. It has a maximum rotating speed of up to 5300 RPM and a maximum cutting depth of 2.5 at 90 degree angles. The device is 8.336 inches in height and has a maximum cutting depth of 1.89 inches at 45 degree angles.


Although this device does not come with a carry case, its light weight and durable design makes it very easy to transport or store.  The device comes with a two year warranty and is powered electrically through a 6ft long power cord. The heavy duty orange colored housing material ensures that your tool will have a long lifespan


A wide variety of uses but performs extremely well n wood applications.  Use it to rip cut plywood and miter or straight cutting of up to 2 x material. The spindle lock makes changing or swopping blades easy which means the user will not have to rely on a separate second tool to cut through a different kind of material. Anyone who is unable to use a large or bulky circular saw will benefit from using this mini circular saw. It is useful for a wide range of diy renovations or for rounding off on construction work jobs.

Other Important Specs

The spindle lock and key system allows the user to safely attach different blades needed for different types of material. This feature makes it possible to use only one tool for a wide range of different construction applications. The device is very light and easy to manage making it safe to use for tradesman and avid diy-ers alike. It is rated for 110 volts which is the standard voltage within the USA and should not be used with anything above the recommended voltage.

Why We Liked It

We liked this nifty little power tool because of its lightweight and easy to use design. You can easily attach a wide range of blade types which makes it a versatile tool to add to your toolbox. It is easy to store and even easier to set up. Here are some other features that we liked.


  • Light weight design
  • Integrated laser guide
  • Easy to use bevel and depth adjustments
  • Spindle lock for safe blade attachments
  • 2 year warranty

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