Remington RM5118R Rodeo Gas Chainsaw Review

The Remington Rodeo runs on a 51cc 2-cycle gas engine and boasts an 18-inch bar with large bucking spikes for a far more controlled cutting experience.  This durable and powerful machine is ideal for cutting firewood and trimming medium to large trees, as well as tackling yard and storm debris. This is a heavy duty machine that is intended for big jobs around your home, cottage, or farm. A pro-grade crankcase and sprocket, plus a durable die-cast chassis make this one tough saw.

Despite its impressive power, though, features like front and back anti-vibration handles make for comfortable operation. Remington’s QuickStart technology makes for easier starting my reducing the amount of effort it will take to get the engine going.

As an added bonus, the Remington Rodeo comes fully assembled, so you can start cutting right out of the box. The 25 pound weight is a little cumbersome, but considering the types of jobs you’ll be using the ranger for, as an experienced chainsaw operator, you should have no trouble handling the Rodeo.

  • Powerful 51cc 2-cycle gas engine and impressive 18-inch bar means the Rodeo is ready to tackle your biggest jobs.
  • Pro-grade crankcase and sprocket as well as a die-cast chassis make for a durable machine.
  • Front and rear anti-vibration handles and QuickStart technology for easy operation.

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