Bosch GLL 1P Combination Point and Line Laser Review


The Bosch GLL 1P Combination Point and Line Laser Level projects a bright, highly visible line or dot point which is perfect for all your basic leveling and alignment applications.  The laser allows you to level and align without actually having to detach the tool which makes it simple and efficient.  The one switch operation feature is easy to use and versatile mounting accessories allow for easy set up.  If you are looking for an easy to use tool which is straight forward then look no further.  This laser will assist you in all of your basic DIY projects.

Technical Specs

The laser is accurate at 3/16 inches for up to 30 ft and comes with an integrated combination point tool which has to be leveled manually.  It has a line range of 16ft with a point range of 65ft and has a mounting thread of ¼ inches making it compatible with any universal tripod although it does come with a versatile magnetic base mount.  It is not necessary to detach the tool at any point while the laser is in use.  The laser is ideal for interior and short range jobs and is very effective and accurate at 33 ft.


Designed to easily mount onto walls or any other surfaces using its strong built in magnetic base.  This makes working at an angle much easier. Sporting two built in bubble vials which not only provides more accuracy but also allows the tool to be used as a spirit level.  This once again eliminates the need for a second tool when performing level and alignment applications.  Using this tool for leveling is easy and straightforward and its small compact design makes it easy to perform angular, horizontal or vertical applications.   It is a class ILA laser product with a power output of 1mW.


An aluminum base and hand level makes for fast and easy leveling and alignment while the whole unit is small enough to fit into your pocket.  This feature makes it easy to transport and always readily available.  Small and light weight, weighing only 1.1 pounds and only 5.4 x 11.1 x 2.5 inches dimensionally.  It has an easy grip handle with convenient access to its battery compartment and has various mounting accessories for those tricky angular applications. Made from durable plastic and light weight aluminum metal making it sturdy and durable enough to survive light knocks and falls.


This laser’s used for the more basic aspects of handiwork such as hanging blinds or other window treatments or for hanging family portraits.  Can be used as a spirit level or a laser level thanks to the two built in vial bubbles.  Ideal for short range interior jobs such as mounting speakers or aligning and leveling shelves.  The wall mount makes it easy to reach tight spots like the insides of closets or up along stair rails.  Any DIY job which is in need of a quick and easy no fuss method of leveling and alignment will benefit from this laser and point combination tool.

Other Important Specs

The product kit includes a mounting plate with an adhesive mounting strip as well as two thumb nail mounts which all work together to provide effortless vertical and horizontal leveling in even the smallest of spaces.   Battery operated, using 2 AAA batteries.  The device is a handheld device which is small enough to fit into your pocket.

Great for verifying the plumb lines of cabinets as well as confirming the level of counters and other horizontal surfaces. Include any other key elements you think would be important if you were thinking about purchasing these items for yourself. These will be headings used in the article and can be used in each of the 10 reviews to standardize them.

Why We Liked It

What makes the Bosch GLL 1P Self Leveling Point and Line Laser so great is that it comes with two built in bubble vials for a more accurate reading.  A convenient swiveling mount for more flexible laser projections or basic alignment without having to detach the tool.  Small enough to fit into your pocket and can be mounted onto a tripod or any flat surface.  Battery operated with a 2 year warranty.


  • Small enough to fit into your pocket
  • Two built in bubble vials
  • Swivel mount
  • 2 year warranty
  • Can be used as a spirit level

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